The World bigger than you can think. Many nations in the world are open for foreign investment giving a red carpet welcome to businessman, entrepreneurs and investors who bring wealth, talent, skills and innovations.  You may not even realize, infact there are plenty of countries in the world offering visas, residence and even immediate citizenship to foreign investors for economic investments.

We have compiled full list of countries below which have opened up for foreign investments. This list will give you a quick summary of how much you have to invest to become a resident and even citizen after some years.

Country Type Minimum Investment Investments Citizenship
Afghanistan Business visa No minimum Corporate affairs, Marketing, Investing 5 years
Albania “D/AE” investor visa No minimum independent economic activity 5 years
Algeria Business investor visa 7 years
Andorra Passive Residence by investment €400,000 Property, bank deposit, Government debt securities/bonds 20 years
Angola Privileged visa not specified Private investments 10 years
Antigua & Barbuda Permanent Residence $100,000 Annual income 7 years
Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment $100,000 Donation Immediate
Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Real Estate $200,000 Real estate Immediate
Anguilla ARBI Residence by investment $150,000 Economic donation 5 years
Anguilla ARBI Residency $750,000 Real estate 5 years
Anguilla ARBI residency $75,000 Lump sum annual tax 5 years
Anguilla Residence by investment $750,000 real estate 5 years
Argentina Investment visa $45,000 Production activity, trade services 5years
Armenia Investor Citizenship (draft) USD 100,000 Economy, real estate Fast track
Armenia Special investor residence $100,000 Business / Real estate 3 years
Australia Business innovation investment A$1.25 million New or existing businesses 4 years
Australia Investor stream A$ 1 million business innovation and investment 4 years
Australia Significant investor visa A$5 million Australian State or Territory. 4 years
Australia Premium investor visa A$15 million Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions. 4 years
Austria Self employed residence visa EUR 50,000 or more Entrepreneurs or startups 10years
Austria Red-White-Red Card EUR 50,000 Business 10 years
Azerbaijan Temporary residence 50,000 AZN Bank deposit 5 years
Bahamas Economic permanent residenc $1.5million property (home) 6-9years
Bahrain Golden visa $130,000 property investment ineligible
Bahrain Self Sponsorship Residence Permit $265,000 Business ineligible
Bahrain Investor residence $135,000 Real estate ineligible
Bangladesh Permanent residence investing $75,000 Business 5 years
Bahamas Permanent Residence Investor $750,000 Real estate 10 years
Bahamas Temporary Annual Residence $250,000 Property 10 years
Barbados HNW investors $5 million assets 7years
Belarus Foreigner residency $50,000 Business capital 5 years
Belgium Self employment / Investment visa $200,000 Business capital 5 years
Bermuda Economic Residency Golden visa $2.5 million Bonds / Real estate / Trusts charities 5-10 years
Belize Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) for retirees $2,000 monthly income 5years
Bhutan Investor card not specified 15 years
Bolivia Temporary resident visa no minimum Investments 3 years
Bosnia Herzegovina Foreign investor visa $100,000 Business capital 8 years
Botswana Investment visa / Residence permit no minimum Business 10 years
Brazil Foreign investor scheme $125,000 4years
Brazil Permanent residence visa $125,000 property investment
Brazil Business Investment R$ 600,000 brazil company
British Virgin Islands (BVI) Investor residency $25 million Net worth 20 years or more
British Virgin Islands (BVI) Direct investor $100 million Net worth 20 years or more
British Virgin Islands (BVI) Real estate $250,000 Property 20 years or more
Brunei Business visa no minimum Business or investment 12years
Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program EUR 250,000 Government bonds/Real Estate 5 years
Bulgaria Business Investment EUR 100,000 Company shares 5 years
Bulgaria CBI  (closed in 2022) EUR 512,000 Capital transfer / bank deposit 2 years (Fast track)
Burkina Faso
Burundi Residence visas for investors and expats no minimum Investment capital in industries
Cambodia Citizenship by donation $250,000 Donation 1 year
Cambodia Golden Visa $100,000 Business 5 years
Cameroon Business permit no minimum Lucrative activities
Canada Quebec immigrant investor program C$1.2million Government bonds 3years
Canada Provincial entrepreneur program C$200000 Business setup 3 years
Canada Startup visa program C$ 75,000 Innovative startups 3 years
Cayman islands Permanent residence $2.4 million real estate 5 years
Cayman islands Residence certificate $1.2 million real estate 5 years
Cape Verde Citizenship for investors $200,000 Tourism and Business Immediate
Cape Verde Residence permit no limits Real estate or companies 5 years
Central African Rep
Chile Temporary Investor and Businessperson Visa 5 years
China Investment visa $20,000 Company
Colombia Resident investor visa $100,000 direct foreign investment 10years
Colombia Investor visa $200,000 real estate or property 10 years
Congo Democratic Rep Investor visa NA Investment purpose 5 years
Costa Rica Investor residency program $200,000 property housing, business, securities, shares 7years
Croatia Investors residence scheme HRK 200,000 employed/self-employed 10years
Cuba Business visa No minimum investment
Cyprus Golden Visa / Permanent residence scheme EUR 300,000 real estate 7 years
Cyprus Startup visa scheme EUR 50,000 Incubator startups 7 years
Curaçao Investor permit program US$ 280,000 Business 5 years
Curaçao Investor permit program US$ 420,000 Real estate 5 years
Czech Republic Significant investment visa $3.2 million 10years
Denmark Startup visa scheme 9years
Dominica Citizenship by investment scheme $100,000 Donation to Government fund Immediate
Dominica Entrepreneur visa $50,000 Business / Startups 2 years
Dominica Citizenship by investment scheme $200,000 Real estate Immediate
Dominican Republic Residence by investment scheme $200,000 Direct Investment in companies established in Dominican Republic 1year
Dominican Republic Residence by investment scheme $200,000 Bank Deposit
Dominican Republic Residence by investment scheme $200,000 Real Estate Investment
Ecuador Resident investor program $30,000 Property investment 3years
Egypt Deposit Residence by investment scheme $391,000 Deposit 5 years
El Salvador Permanent Residence 3 BTC Bitcoin investors 5 years
Equatorial Guinea
Eswatini (Swaziland)
Estonia Foreign investor residence permit €1 million Foreign investor 8 years
Estonia Startup visa scheme EUR 65,000 Startups 8 years
Estonia E-residency scheme EUR 2500 Share capital 8 years
Ethiopia investment visa not specified Investment activities
Fiji Investor permit $120,000
Fiji Real estate investment $1 million Real estate 5years
Finland Startup permit 5 years
Finland Entrepreneurs permit
France Talent passport EUR 300,000 Innovative enterprise / self employed / direct investment 5 years
Georgia Investment residence permit GEL 300,000 5 years
Germany Property investor permit GEL 350,000 real estate
Germany Economic Residence permit €100,000 Business investors or self employed person 8years
Germany Self employment permit No minimum 8 years
Ghana Indefinite residence permit Not specified Substantial economic contribution 7 years
Gibraltar HNW individual with CAT2 status £2 million net assets
Gibraltar Residence (CAT 2 tax status) £2 million (net assets) Pay £22,000 annual tax 5 years
Guernsey Investor residency £750,000 Bank deposit / Real Estate / 6 years
Guernsey Investor visa £1 million Invested in shares or equity 6 years
Greece Golden visa scheme EUR 250,000 property 7 years
Greece Strategic investment activity EUR 250,000 Direct investment 7 years
Greece Financially independent visa EUR 50,000 Self employed 7 years
Grenada Citizenship by investment $150,000 onwards Donation to Government fund Immediate
Grenada Citizenship by investment $220,000 Real estate Immediate
Guatemala Investment visas $60,000 bonds / business 10 years
Guernsey Residence by investment scheme £1 million Investment funds 5 years
Guyana Work permit NA Foreign investors 5 years
Haiti Business visa NA Foreign investment 5 years
Hong Kong SAR HKSAR Entrepreneur investor program no minimum startups 7 years
Hong Kong SAR Startup visa No minimum businesses 7years
Honduras Investor residency $50,000 Business projects 3 years
Hungary Guest Investor Visa EUR 250,000 Real Estate 8 years
Hungary Entrepreneur residence program HER EUR 50,000 Business / startups 8years
Iceland Business visa not specified Business 7 years
India B4 Investor visa (Permanent residency status) 10 Crore Rupee Business 12 years
Indonesia Investor KITAS (313 and 314) $70,000 Business investment 10 years
Indonesia New Golden visa $350,000 to $25 million Business / Companies 5 years
Iran I – Investment visa not specified Merchants / Foreign Investors 5 years
Iran Residence permit $250,000 Foreign investment 5 years
Iraq Business visa no minimum Businessmen and Investors 10 years
Ireland Immigrant investor program (closed 2023) EUR 1 million Enterprises, Investment fund, REIT 5-6years
Ireland Startup entrepreneur visa scheme EUR 50,000 New businesses 5 years
Ireland High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) EUR 1 million plus create 10 jobs 5 years
Israel B5 investor visa $100,000 Start or buy businesses 5years
Israel Startup visa $50,000 foreign innovative entrepreneurs 5 years
Isle of Man Tier1 Investor visa (closed) £2,000,000 Investment funds or share capital 5 years
Isle of Man Innovator visa £50,000 New business / investment funds 5 years
Italy Startup investor visa €500,000 Startups 10years
Italy Investor visa € 1 million Italian companies investment 10 years
Italy Golden visa € 2 million Italian government bonds 10 years
Italy Golden visa € 1 million Philanthropic donations 10 years
Ivory Coast
Jamaica Economic residence visa $500,000 Unknown 5 years
Japan Investor/Business Manager visa $45,000 Business 5 years
Jersey High value residency £145,000 Annual tax plus own property 5 years
Jersey Investor visa (closed) £2,000,000 Investment funds or share capital 5 years
Jordan Citizenship by investment $1.5million bank deposit, bonds or securities 5 years
Jordan Citizenship by investment $1million enterprises
Jordan Permanent residence $200,000 property
Kazakhstan A5 investor visa $100,000 5 years
Kazakhstan Business visa (B1/B3)
Kenya Foreign investor permit (D/G) $100,000 Local company
South Korea Immigrant investor scheme with F-2 resident status KRW 500 million public deposit fund or development projects 5years
South Korea Immigrant Investor Scheme for Real Estate (IISRE) KRW 500 million Real estate
Kuwait Investor residency KD 100,000 Commercial businesses 20 years
Kyrgyzstan Investment visa (“I” type) $140,000 5 years
Laos Economic citizenship $1,500,000 Economy, Properties Immediate
Laos Business visa(NI – B2) $500,000 Business 10 years
Laos Honorary citizenship $1.5 million Real estate
Latvia Business capital investment (Golden visa) EUR 50,000 Business 9years
Real estate investment (Golden visa) €250,000 plus 5% state fee Real estate
Government bonds (Golden visa) €250,000 government bonds
Lebanon Permanent residence no minimum Businessman and investors 5 years
Lesotho Entry visa Investors 5 years
Liberia 2 years
Libya Business visas 2 years
Liechtenstein Investor visa CHF 100,000 Foreign entrepreneur 30years
Lithuania Startup / Business visa entrepreneurs 10years
Luxembourg Golden visa / Residence by investment EUR 500,000 new business 5 years
Luxembourg Golden visa /Residence by investment scheme EUR 3 million Investment funds 5 years
Luxembourg Golden visa /Residence by investment scheme EUR 20 million Bank Deposit 5 years
North Macedonia Investor permit $50,000 Business 5 years
North Macedonia Citizenship by investment $200,000 Fund Immediate
Madagascar Investors visa Trade and business 5 years
Malawi Business residence $50,000 Foreign nationals 7 years
Malaysia MM2H Investor Residency program (My Second Home) RM500,000 Investors: liquid assets 10years
Malaysia Residency RM10,000 Investors: offshore income per month (below 50 years) 10 years
Malaysia Residency RM350,000 Retirees:liquid assets 10 years
Malaysia Residency RM10,000 Retirees:offshore income per month. 10 years
Maldives investor visa $50 million Investment 5 years
Maldives investor visa $1 million Bank deposit 12 years
Maldives investor visa $1 million Real estate 12 years
Maldives Cooperate resident visa $1 million Bank deposit or Real Estate 12 years
Macau SAR Macau Investment residency scheme $125,000 7 years
Macau SAR Temporary residency for investors no limits hotels, manufacturing, services etc. 7 years
Malta Residency Visa €250,000 Government bond/stocks 5 years
Malta Direct Citizenship Investor €900,000 Donation 1 year (fast track)
Malta Nomad visa 50,000 EUR Proof of funds / income 5 years
Marshall Islands Residence visa Business / Investment 5 years
Mauritius Investor Residence permit $100,000 Business activities 5 years
Mauritius Real estate investment permit $350,000 Real estate 5 years
Mexico Temporary resident investor visa $220,000 Real estate 5 years
Mexico Temporary resident investor visa $110,000 Investment in company shares/stocks 5 years
Mexico Temporary resident investor visa €148,000 own personal property 5 years
Moldova Business investor EUR 50,000 Capital 5 years
Monaco Investor Residency €1 million Business capital transfer in a Monaco company 10years
Monaco Investor Residency €1 million real estate purchase 10 years
Monaco Investor Residency €500,000 bank deposit 10 years
Monaco Investor Residency €500,000 property purchase 10 years
Mongolia T1 Investor permit $100,000 Foreign entities 5 years
Montenegro Economic Citizenship  closed in 2023 €250,000 real estate Immediate
Montenegro Residency visa €100,000 property / business 5 years
Montserrat Economic residence by investment $150,000 Bank deposit, Property or Government bonds 5 years
Morocco Investor visa $21 million Foreign investor res 5 years
Morocco Business visa no minimum companies 5 years
Mozambique Investment activity visa USD 50 million Foreign investors 10 years
Myanmar Citizen investor Foreign investment law 5 years
Namibia Investors permit not set 10 years
Nepal Residential visa $20,000 Live and not work 15 years
Nepal Investor visa $100,000 Business capital 15 years
Netherlands Start up visa Startup companies 5 years
Netherlands Golden Investor Scheme (Closing 2024) €1.25 million capital investment in Dutch companies 5 years
New Zealand Startup entrepreneur work visa $70,000 5 years
New Zealand Entrepreneur residence visa $350,000 Startups and businesses 5 years
New Zealand Business Investor visa (Investor 2) N$2 million Bonds, Equities in companies, Properties non personal use 5 years
New Zealand Business Investor visa (Investor 1) N$7million Funds, bonds, equities, property 5 years
Nicaragua Foreign investors $30,000 Corporations / Business / Industry 5 years
Nigeria Investor visa $250,000 Small and medium scale enterprises 15 years
North Macedonia Investor Citizenship US$ 200,000 Donation 3 months
Norway Investor visa / Residence permit EUR 100,000 Foreign investment 7 years
Oman Investor residence visa $100,000 Shares in companies 20 years
Pakistan Business investor visa $50,000 Companies 7 years
Pakistan Investment Citizenship $750,000 Tangible assets Immediate
Pakistan Investment Citizenship $250,000 Cash Immediate
Palau Investor residence visa $200,000 10 years
Panama Business investor visa $160,000 3years
Panama Pacific investor visa $250,000 3 years
Panama Economic permanent residence visa $300,000 Bank deposit or Real Estate 3 years
Panama Movie investor visa $150,000 3 years
Papua New Guinea Permanent residence $3million Business 8 years
Papua New Guinea Retired persons $15,000 per annum 8 years
Paraguay Investor visa $70,000 Permanent residence 3 years
Peru Investment visa $125,000 Capital investment 2 years
Philippines Special investor residence visa (SIRV) $75,000 Business 10years
Poland Business permit $100,000 Companies 10 years
Portugal Startup visa scheme EUR 50,000 Innovative startups 5 years
Portugal Tech visa / D7 passive investment visa EUR 50,000 Tech startups 5 years
Portugal Golden visa Residence 280,000 EUR property 5 years
Portugal Golden visa residence permit 250,000 EUR Business 5 years
Puerto Rico Immigrant investor (Green card) $500,000 Targeted Employment Area 5 years
Qatar Investor permit $200,000 Property 20 years
Romania Business visa long stay visa (D/AE) 50,000 EUR Capital investment 8years
Romania Expedited Citizenship EUR 1 million investment after 2 years of living 4 years
Russian Federation Business visa $50,000 Capital job creation 3years
Russian Federation Simplified citizenship for investment $10 million invested in Far east 3 years
Russian Federation Real estate / bonds $400,000 Golden visa 3 years
Russian Federation Entrepreneurs $130,000 Business and employment 3 years
Russian Federation Russian companies $200,000 Capital investment 3 years
Rwanda A1/B1 Investor no limits Economic or industrial activities 15 years
St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by investment (CBI) $250,000 donation Immediate
St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by investment (CBI) $400,000 Real Estate Immediate
St Lucia Citizenship by investment $100,000 donation Immediate
St Lucia Citizenship by investment $300,000 real estate Immediate
St Lucia Citizenship by investment $250,000 government bonds Immediate
St Lucia Temporary residence permit / Business visa $50,000 Business / Real estate 7 years
St Maarten Investors permit $500,000 property or business 5years
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Residence permit 9 years
Samoa Temporary residence permit business 3 years
Samoa Citizenship by investment scheme $1.5 million Economic investment 2 years
San Marino Economic Residence by investment €500,000 property or
€600,000 Bonds
Property / Securities 10years
San Marino Economic Residence by investment €600,000 Government bonds for 10 years (non-interest bearing) 10 years
San Marino Economic Residence by investment €75,000 create 3 jobs and guarantee deposit 10 years
Saudi Arabia Premium Gold residence scheme for permanent permit (Green card) SR 800,000 One time Payment No citizenship
Saudi Arabia Limited residence scheme SR 100,000 Payment annually No citizenship
Serbia Residence permit $25,000 Business / Real estate 8 years
Seychelles Permanent residence $1 million business or real estate 5years
Seychelles Residence permit business or economic activity 5 years
Sierra Leone
Singapore Entrepass scheme foreign entrepreneurs 8 years
Singapore Global investor program SG$ 1.5 million for investors and entrepreneurs with permanent residence 8years
Slovakia Major investment scheme EUR 100 million creating 300 jobs adding economic benefit to slovakia 8years
Slovenia Residence permit on economic interest €50,000 Economic residency 10 years
South Africa Business visa $350,000 invested in south african economy 10years
South Sudan
Spain Golden visa scheme €500,000 property investment 10years
Spain Golden visa scheme €2 million Government debts/bonds 10 years
Spain Golden visa scheme €1 million businesses 10 years
Sri Lanka Resident Guest Scheme Visa program (RGSVP) $250,000 Bank deposit / Economic Investment 10 years
Sri Lanka Golden paradise visa USD 75,000 (property) / USD 100,000 (cash deposit) Property / Bank deposit / Investment
Sweden Self employed residence permit SEK 200,000 living expenses plus business plan 5years
Switzerland Business visa €500,000 to €1 million in swiss companies 12years
Switzerland Lump sum taxation residence CHF 400,000 to CHF 600,000
Pay tax per year depending on canton. You cannot work
Taiwan Entrepreneur visa $65,000 5years
Taiwan Resident visa for investment to foreign investors $200,000 5 years
Tajikistan Investor (C) no minimum Investing in economy 5 years
Tanzania Residence permit (Class A) no minimum Foreign investors 7 years
Timor-Leste (East Timor)
Non-Immigrant Visa Category “IB” (Investment and Business Visa)
5 years
Thailand Elite Residence Visa for 5 years $15,000 5years(requires naturalization)
Thailand Elite Residence Visa for 20 years $32,000 5 years
Tonga Tongan investor no limits Foreign investment certificate
Trinidad & Tobago Business visa unrestricted Economy 8 years
Tunisia Residence cards no minimum Foreign investors / entrepreneurs 5 years
Turkey Short term residence permit $50,000 Business / Companies 5 years
Turkey Citizenship by investment (TCBI) $250,000 Real estate property Immediate
Turkey Citizenship by investment (TCBI) program $500,000 Government bonds / cash deposit Immediate
Turkmenistan Residence permit $500,000 Economic investment
Turks & Caicos Islands Permanent residence $300,00 Real estate / property 5years
Turks & Caicos Islands Permanent residence $750,000 business enterprise
Uganda Investment work permit not set Class B/C/D/E Investments 18 years
Ukraine Investor Residence permit €100,000 or more Business 5 years
United Arab Emirates Golden visa 5 years AED 1 million ($270,000) Property 30 years
United Arab Emirates Citizenship by investment TBA Immediate
United Arab Emirates Golden visa for 10 years $2.7 million Business Partnerships 30 years
United Arab Emirates visa for entrepreneurs $136,000 Entrepreneurs 30 years
United Kingdom UK tier1 innovator or startup visa £50,000 Startups 6 years
United Kingdom UK tier1 investor visa is closed £2,000,000 bonds or businesses 6 years
United States B1 visa USD 50,000 Business 5 years
United States E-1 trader /E-2 investor visa USD 100,000 treaty traders and investors 5 years
United States L1 intra company transfer USD 100,000 corporate intra-transfers 5 years
United States EB-5 immigrant investor visa $900,000 onwards for creating jobs 5 years
Uruguay Investor Residency $1.8 million Real Estate 3years
Uruguay Investor Residency $5.6 million Business capital investments with job creation 3 years
Uruguay Economic Tax residence ( from Mar 2020) $200,000 Tax receipts 3 years
Uzbekistan Investor Residence permit $200,000 property or business 5years with PR status
Vanuatu DSP donation citizenship by investment $130,000 Donation to state fund Immediate
Vanuatu Citizenship by Real Estate $200,000 property 10 years
Vanuatu Self funded visa VUV 20,000 annually 10 years
Vanuatu Permanent residency $30,000 Total assets 10 years
Venezuela Investor Visa(TR-I) / Entrepreneur Visa (TR-E/I) no limits Investors, business owners 10 years
Vietnam DT Foreign investor visa business 5years with PR card
Zambia Investors permit $250,000 business 10years
Zimbabwe Investor residence permit $100,000 joint venture 5years
Zimbabwe Investor residence permit $300,000 business venture 5 years