Georgia is an eurasian country connecting eastern europe and western asia.. Georgia has free trade regime, that has access to $1 billion market not subject to customs tax to CIS and EU countries (no customs duty on 90% import and export of goods). Georgia is politically stable, has low taxes, low corruption and seeks major economic investments. Goergia has a population of 3.7m residents and Tbilsi is the capital and largest city.

Georgia does not have any official status as a candidate for future enlargement of the European Union, but in 2011 Georgian president expressed a desire for his country to become a member state of the EU. Georgia has submitted an action plan for achieve accession to the European Union.

Citizenship for investments

The President of Georgia may grant Georgian citizenship by exception to a citizen of another country who has made a contribution of exceptional merit to Georgia in state’s interest.

  • A foreign citizen is making such an investment in Georgia or he/she has made such an investment in Georgia that contributes or has contributed substantially to the development of the state economy (or)

 Minimum Investments


  • Real Estate: To receive a one-year residency permit on the basis of property, a foreign national must purchase real estate worth100,000 USD.
  • Employment: A foreign citizen will be allowed to apply for a labor residence permit if he/she will be employed by a company which reports turnovers of no less than 50,000 GEL per foreigner employed.
  • Permanent residence: Foreigners who wish to receive permanent residence permit in Georgia will receive a five-year permit initially only if they present documents proving they have a turnover of 120,000 USD or more annually.
  • Investment permit: Foreigners holding investment residency permits for five years [those who manage to present documents attesting to 120,000 USD in annual turnover over the course of five years] and who invest at least 300,000 USD in Georgia, will be able to receive permanent residency permits.


Georgian citizenship shall be granted with an ordinary procedure to an adult who meets the following requirements:

  • Lawfully resided in Georgia for the last 10 consecutive years up to the day of applying for Georgian citizenship;
  • Knows the official language of Georgia within the established limits;
  • Knows the history of Georgia and basic principles of law within the established limits;
  • Have a job and/or real estate in Georgia, or carry on business in the territory of Georgia or hold an interest or shares in a Georgian enterprise.

A decision on granting Georgian citizenship by naturalization is made within 3 months.

Citizenship applications for the acquisition of Georgian citizenship can be submitted in person or through an authorized representative. the applications are submitted at the territorial offices of the Public Service development agency, a branch of the Public Service Hall, or at a Community Centre.

Dual Citizenship

Georgia made amendments to citizenship laws and now allows dual citizenship

Georgia Passport

As of 2019, Georgian passport had visa free travel to 113 countries in the world, including EU schengen states, Turkey, Brazil etc.