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Best Citizenships is an online platform assisting wealthy families with Investor citizenship and residence programs. Our digital consulting business model makes it cheaper for clients without brokers or intermediaries. Celebrating 12 years of service in 2023.
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All our services are free of charge when you contact us for a quote. We do not charge any fee to clients. We make it cheaper for clients without middlemen. Our trusted government authorized advisors provide a highly qualified advice. We handle large number of HNWI clients every year with citizenship and golden visa programs.
Best CBI for 2023

St.Kitts Citizenship

From $125,000 (Limited time offer)
Investor Citizenship
Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment programs (CIP) offer instant passports against donation or real estate investment. Donation is 50% cheaper than real estate but cannot be recovered. Real estate cannot be sold for 5 years.
Residence by Investment (RBI)
Golden Visas
Golden visas are special schemes that offer residence permits against property purchases with little or no residence requirements comes with a perk  to naturalize for citizenship, usually after five years or later.
Due Diligence / Vetting
Background Checks
All applicants for Citizenship and residence schemes have to go through strict background checks for criminal activity and source of funds. Failing these checks will lead to visa or citizenship refusals. Citizenship can be revoked at later for illegal activities.
St Lucia
Citizenship by Investment
Donation / Real Estate

  • Ranked as No.1 CBI for 2021
  • Major Caribbean holiday destination popular among Americans
  • Fastest CIP application processing times  (56 days)
  • Visa free travel to 145 countries (UK, Schengen etc)
  • No tax country with no gift, estate or inheritance taxes
  • Full citizenship rights (vote, politics, citizenship for generations)
  • Family members and siblings can be added at later stages
  • Invest in Real estate or Covid Government bonds (refundable investments)

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St Kitts and Nevis
Citizenship by Investment

  • World’s oldest CBI program since 1984
  • A Powerful Caribbean passport
  • Visa free travel to 152 countries (EU, UK etc)
  • No physical residence conditions.
  • Great Plan-B passport for Americans.
  • Real estate option for $200,000
  • SKN Passport issued for 10 years
  • Accelerated  processing within 60 days

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Golden Visa
Hotels / Residential

  • Best Golden visa in Europe
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Invest in Real estate (buyback share)
  • Path to Citizenship after 5 years
  • Capital transfer and business options
  • Residence permits to all family members
  • Access to healthcare and education
  • Non Habitual tax regime

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Golden visa Greece
Golden Visa
Real Estate / Bank deposit

  • European Residency visa program
  • Visa free movement in EU/Schengen zone
  • Invest in Greek real estate, bonds or bank deposit
  • Permanent residence card valid for 5 years
  • No minimum residence requirements
  • Lowest property prices in Europe.
  • Residence permit for Strategic investment
  • Greek Citizenship after 7 years

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment

  • Best Caribbean CBI program
  • No residence requirements
  • 3 months processing times
  • Visa free travel to 144 countries (UK, EU, China etc)
  • Passport valid for 5 years
  • E-2 visa treaty with US
  • Family and siblings accepted
  • Invest in Real estate for citizenship ($200,00)

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Malta Golden visa
Exceptional Citizenship
Donation / Real Estate

  • Robust economy, stable political climate in the EU.
  • Direct citizenship program for exceptional services
  • Fast tracked Maltese residency to citizenship after 1-2 years of living.
  • Visa free movement to 180+ countries (US,Canada etc.)
  • Live, work, study, settle in any EU member state
  • Very stringent due diligence and background checks

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Antigua Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program
Citizenship by Investment

  • A Powerful Caribbean citizenship program
  • Most Affordable CBI for families and children
  • Easy and streamlined application process.
  • Invest in real estate or University fund (UWI).
  • Visa free access to 150+ territories (UK, EU, Russia etc)
  • No residence or personal visit required
  • Stateless people eligible to apply.
  • Commonwealth citizenship with free movement in CARICOM.
  • Citizenship is permanent and for life.

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Turkey citizenship by investment
Citizenship by Investment
Real Estate

  • World’s most popular CBI golden passport program
  • Proximity to Europe and Middle East with major flight connections
  • Visa free travel to 100+ countries.
  • Attractive due to Lira depreciation and high property demand
  • Eligible for E-1/E-2 US visas
  • CBI Popular among Middle East investors.
  • Option to invest in bonds, bank cash deposit and funds
  • Citizenship processing takes 3-4 months

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Visa Free Travel
Visa Free movement with second passport through investment
Citizen by Investment
Second citizenship
A second passport with citizenship has numerous benefits
Lifetime citizenship
Best education abroad for children in a new country
Alternative citizenship
Dual citizenship
Become a Dual citizen with citizenship from another country

Due Diligence

All applicants are vetted for background checks before being approved for citizenship/passport. Nationals of certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan cannot apply for certain schemes.

EU Citizenship

Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria are the only three countries offering citizenship by investment in the EU. Montenegro is only a candidate country for EU membership joining on or after 2025.

Application Process

The application process is simple and straightforward with most citizenship and residence by investment schemes. We work with trusted authorized agents making it easier, cheaper and faster for clients


Family members upto third generation receive full citizenship or residence permits under CBI/RBI schemes.
Benefit to State
Economic Citizenship
CBI schemes bring much needed revenues to small countries and these funds are used for paying debts, disaster recovery, economic and public infrastructure and development projects (schools, hospitals, transport) and other public infrastructure projects.
Low cost schemes
Cheapest Citizenship
St Lucia is the cheapest CBI for single persons. Antigua is the cheapest citizenship for families. Greece has the cheap and best gold visa scheme. For large families over 6 persons, real estate investment becomes cheaper than the donation option. In some family cases Grenada and St Kitts also be low cost and affordable.

How to Start?

Step 1

First decide whether you want citizenship or residency? Decide on the country of your choice! Take your time

Step 2

Pay a small lawyer fee to start the application process.

Step 3

Wait for 2-3 months to receive your Government approval letter from your agent

Step 4

Pay the full investment amount to Government to receive your passport. Collect it from your agent or at embassy!
Real Estate
Buying a real estate for citizenship or residency is a long term profitable investment and has number of advantages. For example buying a home or buying a share in a five star hotels, gets you get permanent residency and proves genuine links to the country.  Prices start with €250K in Europe for Golden visas and $200K in the Caribbean for a passport. We recommend real estate option for High-net-worth (HNW) clients.
Decide for yourself
Citizenship vs Residency
First you have to decide you want a passport or just residency. Passports are cheaper than golden visa schemes usually in the price range of $100K. The application process is easy and quite straightforward completed within 3 months and saves a lot of hassle on the long run. Passports can be used for worldwide travel as complete travel document while residence permits can only be used for regional travel (eg. Schengen area).
Compare CBI passports
Visa Waivers
We have developed a free tool for clients to search and compare visa waivers available for CBI passports in one place. You can look a countries and also territories. For example you can select Japan and this tool will show you which CBI passports have visa free access to Japan from our visa waiver database. It is a very useful tool. Previously you had to manually compare visa free countries and this tool will help you identify best CBI passport for you.


What is Best Citizenships?

Best Citizenships is an online platform for citizenship and residence planning. Our services are free of charge. We dont take any money from clients. Our digital business model makes it cheaper for clients without brokers or intermediaries. We are an online platform (not agents) and we do not provide immigration, tax or investment advice to clients. We leave these to our licensed lawyers and agents we work with.

How does it work?

When you decide the country and investment program, fill out the free quote form in the contact page and we will assign you an agent free of charge.

How much is your fee?

Our Best citizenships online platform and all services are free of charge. We do not charge any fee to clients. We provide tools, information and latest updates to help you decide with citizenship and residence programs.

What is the minimum investment required?

We only assist clients who can invest atleast USD 100,000 or more for CBI and Golden visa programs.

What is the difference between CBI and Golden visas?

Golden visas are long term residency visas offer just permanent residence permit,.Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs offer immediate citizenship with passport for investing. Prices for CBI program start from USD 100,000 whereas the minimum required for Golden visa programs are quite expensive starts with 125,000 euros starting with Malta

How to become a Global Citizen?

CBI (Citizenship by Investment) programs provides you a perfect opportunity to acquire global cosmopolitan citizenship that will give you freedom, equality, mobility and prosperity. Global Citizens are a new class of cosmopolitan citizens living in diaspora as result of globalization.

Residence by Investment
Best Golden Visas
Best Golden Visa Rankings 2021 by our PBS points based model

Rank Golden visa PBS score
1 Portugal 141
2 Ireland 129
3 Greece 123
4 Spain 119
5 Italy 117
6 Malta
7 Netherlands 109
8 Latvia 107
9 United States 105
10 United Kingdom 102
11 Canada 100
12 Australia 99

Citizenship by Investment
Best CBI Rankings
Our points based scoring (PBS) model calculating 40 important CBI indicators. Read more

Rank CBI PBS score
1 St Kitts and Nevis 270
2 Grenada 268
3 Saint Lucia 257
4 Antigua and Barbuda 252
5 Dominica 247
6 Malta 228
7 Montenegro 224
8 Turkey 223
9 North Macedonia 218
10 Vanuatu 215
11 Egypt 179
12 Samoa 171
13 Jordan 168

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Citizenship by Investment for Family of Six or More

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Voting Rights in Dominica for Citizens
Voting Rights in Dominica for Citizens

The Commonwealth of Dominica allows all citizens who live in and out of the country to vote in national elections. There is no clear evidence CBI citizens could possibly take part in electoral processes either through voting or running for office or establishing their own political party. Dominica elects on national level a legislature. The House of Assembly has 32…