Citizenship and Residence by Investment

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Best Citizenships (BC) is an online comparison and Airbnb like platform for Citizenship by investment (CBI) and Golden Visa (GV) schemes. We directly connect clients to authorized law firms and real estate developers without intermediaries making it cheaper and faster for clients. We launched our online platform first in the industry in 2011 and since then we have assisted hundreds of HNW clients with citizenship and residency. Today, there are 10 Citizenship by Investment (CBI) schemes and over 25 Residence by Investment (RBI) schemes running around the world creating a $5 billion dollar industry annually.
CBI/RBI schemes in Total
Citizenship by Investment
Golden visas

The Key difference is RBI schemes offer permanent residence status with path to citizenship while CBI schemes offer instant citizenship and passports for investment. CBI passports are also known as "Golden passports"

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Montenegro Citizenship

From €250,000onwards
Investor Citizenship
Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment programs (CIP) offer instant passports against donation or real estate investment. Donation is 50% cheaper than real estate but cannot be recovered. Real estate cannot be sold for 5 years.
Residence by Investment (RBI)
Golden Visas
Golden visas are special schemes that offer residence permits against property purchases with little or no residence requirements comes with a perk  to naturalize for citizenship, usually after five years or later.
Due Diligence / Vetting
Background Checks
All applicants for Citizenship and residence schemes have to go through strict background checks for criminal activity and source of funds. Failing these checks will lead to visa or citizenship refusals. Citizenship can be revoked at later for illegal activities.
Dominica Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment
Donation / Real Estate

  • Cheapest passport by investment scheme
  • No residence requirements
  • Visa free travel to 137 countries (UK, EU etc.)
  • Passport valid for 10 years
  • Real estate investment ($200K)
  • Second citizenship for dual nationals
  • Immediate Instant citizenship
  • Fast processing times with confidential application

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Grenada CBI program
Citizenship by Investment

  • Best  Caribbean CBI Passport
  • Permanent resident status + Citizenship
  • Lifetime family citizenship
  • E-2 treaty with United States
  • Visa free travel to 143 countries to Russia, China, UK, Schengen etc.
  • Processing time 3 months
  • Grenada passport valid for 5 years.

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Saint Lucia CIP
Citizenship by Investment
Donation / Bonds / Real Estate

  • Beautiful Caribbean country popular with tourists
  • No residence requirements
  • Very Fast processing times
  • Visa free travel to 145 countries (UK, EU etc)
  • Passport valid for 5 years
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Spouse and Children qualify for citizenship later.
  • Invest in Real estate for citizenship ($300,00)

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Visa Free Travel
Visa Free movement with second passport through investment
Citizen by Investment
Second citizenship
A second passport with citizenship has numerous benefits
Lifetime citizenship
Best education abroad for children in a new country
Alternative citizenship
Dual citizenship
Become a Dual citizen with citizenship from another country
St Kitts Citizenship
Citizenship by Investment

  • Most popular citizenship by investment
  • Best and Powerful Caribbean gold passport
  • Visa free travel to 152 countries (EU, UK etc)
  • No physical residence conditions.
  • Second passport for family.
  • Real estate option for $200,000
  • Passport valid for 10 years
  • Accelerated citizenship processing within 60 days

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Antigua Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program
Citizenship by Investment
Donation / Property / Business

  • Cheap and Best Caribbean passport
  • Limited Time Offer with 50% discount
  • Visa free travel to 15 countries (EU, UK etc)
  • Fast Processing times
  • 5 day residence requirements
  • Real estate option for $200,000
  • Business investments qualify for citizenship
  • Passport valid for 5 years

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Montenegro Economic Citizenship
Citizenship by Investment
Real Estate

  • New special citizenship by investment
  • Investment + Donation model
  • Joins EU and Schengen area in 2025
  • Permanent residence with citizenship/passport
  • Limited quota of 2000 applications
  • Invest in five star hotels and resorts
  • Passport valid for 10 years

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Golden visa portugal
Golden Visa
Real Estate / Property

  • Best Golden visa in Europe
  • Permanent residence card
  • Invest in portuguese real estate
  • Path to Citizenship after 5 years
  • Capital transfer and business options
  • Residence permits to all family members
  • Access to healthcare and education
  • Non Habitual tax regime

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Golden visa greece
Golden Visa
Real Estate / Property

  • Popular golden visa scheme
  • Cheapest golden visa in Europe
  • Invest in Greek real estate
  • Permanent residence card
  • No physical residence requirements
  • Greece has lowest property prices in Europe.
  • Strategic investment option
  • Citizenship after 7 years

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Ireland golden visa
Golden visa
Endowment / Donation

  • Irish immigrant Investor scheme (IIP)
  • Permanent resident status (stamp 4)
  • 1 day physical residence requirement
  • Citizenship after 5 years of living
  • Irish passport more valuable as result of  Brexit
  • Visa free travel to 184 countries
  • World class education and healthcare
  •  Best Citizenship in the World

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Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor
Quebec Immigrant Investor

  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Scheme
  • Live anywhere in Canada
  • Financing option available
  • Citizenship in just 3 years
  • World class education and healthcare
  • Popular among Chinese HNW investors
  • Invest in Canadian Real estate market
  • Limited quota of 1800 applications per year

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Malta Citizenship for Yacht owners
Citizenship by Investment

  • Individual Investor Program (IIP)
  • Become an EU citizen
  • Best citizenship with powerful european passport
  • Live, work, study in EU-28 countries
  • Citizenship after 12 months
  • Permanent residence + Citizenship
  • Access to best education and healthcare
  • Maltese passport valid for 10 years

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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship by Investment
Real Estate / Bonds

  • Best citizenship by investment in Europe
  • Best Golden passport
  • Permanent residence + Citizenship + Passport
  • Full rights of establishment in EU member states
  • Passport after 6 months
  • Visa free travel to 173 countries
  • Invest in real estate, bonds or business
  • Passport valid for 10 years

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Malta IIP and Golden visa
Golden visa
Bonds / Stocks

  • Malta Residence Visa Scheme (MRV)
  • Residence by investment program (RBI)
  • Full Permanent residence status
  • Free movement in Schengen area
  • Invest in Government stocks or bonds
  • No physical residence requirements
  • Invest in Malta property market
  • Cheapest golden visa in Europe
  •   Buy property in Malta and Gozo.

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UK investor visa
Golden Visa
Business / Bonds

  • Tier 1 investor visa scheme for HNWI
  • Entry clearance issued for 40 months
  • Permanent settlement after five years
  • British citizenship after six years
  • UK offers best education and healthcare.
  • Must make UK as main home to live, work and study
  • Attractive investment destination for businesses
  • British passport powerful and respected in the world.

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Spain Golden visa
Golden visa
Real Estate / Bank deposit / Bonds

  • Attractive golden visa scheme in Europe
  • World class healthcare best in the world
  • Residence permit for property investment
  • Free movement in the schengen area.
  • Family, spouse and children eligible for residency
  • No residence conditions.
  • Spanish Citizenship after 10 years
  • Spain has best EU passport in the world

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Bulgaria citizenship by investment
Citizenship by Investment
Real Estate / Bonds

  • Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program (IIP)
  • Fast track citizenship by investment
  • Invest in Property or Govt bonds
  • Become EU citizen by investment
  • Citizenship after 12 months
  • Live, work, study in EU-28 member states
  • Powerful passport in Europe
  • Passport valid for 10 years

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Vanuatu citizenship by investment
Citizenship by Investment

  • Development Support Program (DSP) / Citizenship contribution scheme
  • Ni-Vanuatu citizenship and passport from a  Pacific country
  • Fastest passport times within 1 month
  • Visa free access to 129 destinations (UK, EU, Russia etc)
  • No residence requirements
  • Dual citizenship allowed

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Turkey passport
Citizenship by Investment
Real Estate / Bank deposit / Bonds

  • New citizenship by investment scheme
  • Invest in turkish properties for citizenship
  • Residence and Citizenship within 6 months
  • Simplified application procedure
  • Visa free travel to 110 countries
  • No physical residence conditions
  • Turkey is a $2 trillion economy, hub of Eurasia
  • Dual citizenship allowed

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Residence by Investment


From €100,000onwards
Low cost schemes
Cheapest Citizenship
Dominica is the cheapest CBI for single persons. Antigua is the cheapest citizenship for families. Greece has the cheap and best gold visa scheme. For large families over 6 persons, real estate investment becomes cheaper than the donation option. In some family cases Grenada and St Kitts also be low cost and affordable.
Pricing comparison
CBI Price Calculator
We have developed a calculator to compare prices of CBI schemes.  Use this calculator to find the cheapest CBI schemes and calculations will give you an approximate close estimates of how much a passport costs giving you in-depth look into the pricing. In general, you should expect 15% to 20% additional fees above the contribution investment.
Property Citizenship
Real Estate
Know that buying a real estate has an additional perk that you get permanent residence card, along with citizenship and passport. Besides this, as a property owner you have a valid reason to hold CBI passport establishing genuine links the new country. Properties can be rented through Airbnb for rental income.
Passport Validity
Passport validity is a very important criteria to consider before applying for CBI scheme. This will save you lot of time and hassles when renewing your passport. St Kitts, Dominica and all European passports including Turkey come with 10 year validity. Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua passports initially valid for 5 years

How to Start?

Step 1

Decide whether you want citizenship or residency?

Step 2

Research and pick a country of your choice. Take your time.

Step 3

Choose your investment option such as Donation, Property, Government bonds or Business

Step 4

Contact us for a free quote. Our staff will help you with paperwork.
Residence by Investment
Best Golden Visas
These are the best golden visa rankings by our PBS points based model taking into account more than 10 important factors

Golden visaPBS scoreRank
Golden Visa Greece Greece841
Golden Visa Malta Malta832
Ireland Investor Visa Ireland813
US EB-5 United States804
Golden Visa Portugal Portugal804
UK Golden Visa (tier1) United Kingdom795
Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor Canada795
Investor Visa Italy Italy795
Australia SIV Australia795
Netherlands Investor visa Netherlands786
Golden Visa Spain Spain786
Golden Visa Luxembourg Luxembourg757
Golden Visa Latvia Latvia757
New Zealand Investor Stream New Zealand738
Thailand Elite Visa Thailand719

Citizenship by Investment
Best CBI Passports
These are the best citizenship by investment rankings based on our points based scoring model evaluating 30 important metrics.

CBIPBS ScoreRank
 Malta IIP  Malta1341
Grenada Citizenship by Investment  Grenada1302
Cyprus Citizenship by Investment  Cyprus1263
Bulgaria Citizenship for Investments Bulgaria1254
Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Montenegro1185
Turkey Citizenship by Investment Turkey1166
Moldova Citizenship by Investment  Moldova1147
St Kitts Citizenship by Investment St Kitts1138
Antigua Citizenship by Investment  Antigua1119
Dominica Citizenship by Investment Dominica10110
St Lucia Citizenship by Investment  St Lucia10011
Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment (VCBI)  Vanuatu9812
Cambodia Citizenship  Cambodia8313

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Investment Immigration is $17 billion yearly market

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Which is the cheapest CBI program for single persons?
Which is the cheapest CBI program for single persons?

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