Many people often confuse between Portugal D-7 visa and golden Visa. We explain the difference between these two visa categories in detail.

The most important difference  is the D-7 visa requires you to permanently move and live in Portugal for atleast 6-8 months every year. With golden visa you are not required to live in Portugal at all, just visit any time for atleast 7-14 days a year. Another difference is you pay full taxes in Portugal with D7 visa because you will be becoming tax resident staying more than 180 days. This is not the case with golden visa.

Both the visas require you to start the process at the Portuguese embassy in your country if you are outside EU.

D-7 Visa

The “D7” visa is ideal for retirees and those who earn passive income. It is a fixed residency. You must be able to prove financial sufficiency to apply for these visas.

  • Adult — 7200 euro / year
  • Per Dependant — 3600 euro /year
  • Per Child – 2160 euro

Golden Visa

The Portuguese golden visa will give you full residence rights for investment activity in Portugal.

No requirement to live in Portugal makes it very convenient for many investors. It is only residency not citizenship. It is the most popular program for those who are not interested in acquiring citizenship.

We tell clients to apply for residency programs like Portugal if dual citizenship is not permitted by home country.

The minimum required investment is

  • Real estate – 280K euro in rural areas
  • Real Estate – 350K euro in Porto, Lisbon and Algarve
  • Hotel Shares – 350K euro (buyback)
  • Treasury securities / Government bonds – 1M euro
  • Band deposits – 1M euro

We explain the differences in table below..

D-7 VisaARI Golden Visa
Legal backgroundArticle 58 paragraph 1 of Law no. 23/2007 of July 4

Article 24 d) of Regulatory Decree no. 84/2007 of November 5

The Aliens Act – Law n. 23/2007 of 4 July (as subsequently amended)

Regulatory Decree n. 84/2007 of 5 November (as subsequently amended)

Decree n. 305-A/2012, of 4 October

Issued forPassive Income  / Self employed / Retirees Investors – Real Estate or Capital transfer investments
Minimum investmentNot required280,000€
Residency conditionsMust live 6-8 months per year7  days per year
Visa Free movementSchengen and certain EU countriesSchengen and certain EU countries
Rent a housing RequiredNot required
Health insurance coverageRequiredRequired
Residence permitTemporary residence permit issued for 1-2 years with extensionsTemporary Residence Permit (2 years)
Permanent Residence Permit (5 years)
Processing time3-4 months3-4 months
Family membersYesYes
TaxesYou become Tax resident since you will live in Portugal for more than 183 daysNo taxes if you dont live for more than 183 days a year. Income arising from property taxed at 28%
RightsLive,work,study, healthcareLive, work, study, healthcare
Additional Tax benefitsNon habitual tax residencyNon habitual tax residency
Permanent residencyAfter 5 years of uninterrupted livingAfter 5 years (no strict residence conditions)
CitizenshipAfter 5-6 years of uninterrupted livingAfter 5-6 years (no strict residence conditions just meet 1-2 weeks visit to Portugal every year)

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