Vanuatu permanent residency may be attractive for some foreign investors who are looking to residency rights in Vanuatu and dont want citizenship. The PR card is also possible without visiting or living in Vanuatu.

Permanent Residency is possible immediately in Vanuatu upon buying a real estate or in agriculture land for USD 90,000 (Vt 10 million) or proving a monthly income of USD 2,500 for retirees.  There additional costs for receiving permanent residency are $10,000 for one person and $12,00 for family.

Permanent Residence

There are two types of permanent residence visas according to Immigration office of Vanuatu. There is a Vt 300,000 fee per application charged by Government.

1. Part A, subclass 131

Subclass 131, this visa product can be granted to any one that his/her parents are Ni Vanuatu or Ni Vanuatu descent or anyone who has been residing in Vanuatu for the last 12 month and have to apply to the office of the director of Vanuatu Immigration Services using VIS prescribed Form 3-0 that is available in this website.

2. Part B, subclass 132-135

This Visa product is establish to accommodate any serious investor who seriously intended to invest in Vanuatu however, the benefits are more gorgeous compare to the normal Vanuatu resident visa since the requirements are tough and any interested applicant must apply to the office of the director of Vanuatu Immigration Services using VIS prescribed Form 3-1 that is available in this website.

PR Green Card

Vanuatu issues fastest permanent residency green card within one day.

No investment required. Processing time is just 5 days.

The PR card is issued under  the Immigration law of the republic of Vanuatu under the Visa regulation order No 180 of 2011, clause 12 (6) and schedule 4.

  • You must be over 18

  • You must have a valid passport

  • You must have a police clearance

  • You must have asset proof of USD 400,000 or more (crypto assets accepted)

  • No investment, no personal visit required and no residence requirements

Vanuatu PR Green card

Permanent Residency

Fast Permanent Residency

  • Pay a flat processing fee.
  • 10 Year PR Permit (renewed for another 10 years)
  • Easy Application requirements.
  • Processing time just 5 days
  • No Income Requirement
  • No requirement to visit or reside in Vanuatu to obtain PR
  • Residence in a Commonwealth Country

Below are the one time costs under fast track PR in Vanuatu.

Government fee

  • Single – USD 10,000
  • Family – USD 15,000

Documents Required

The documents to be included with the application form are:

(1) Provide a certification of an investment in any part of the world, which must be more than 40 Million vatu (USD 400,000).

(2) Provide a police clearance.

(3) Provide a Medical Certificate.

(4) Provide a copy of a passport bio-page.

(5) Provide an Economical investment proposal in line with the government decentralization priority.

(6) Apply as an individual or

(7) Apply as a family with not more than four individual

(8) Family applications include the parents and the kids less than 18 years of age.

(9) Application of family must provide a certified marred certificate.

(10) Provide proof of birth certificate of children included in the family package

Residence Visas

It is also possible to obtain 1 year residency if you have enough income to cover your costs or you invest $50,000 (land owner visa). Vanuatu issues three types of residence visas.

1. Self-Funded Visa
2. Land-Owner Visa – USD
3. Investor Visa

Land owner visa

Vanuatu also offers Land Owner Visa for one year if you invest atleast USD 90,000 (Vt 10 million) . If you wish to settle in Vanuatu and lease real estate, you can apply for a Land Ownership visa. Note that lands in Vanuatu are not freehold. Properties can be leased for up to 50 years for residential lots and 75 years for commercial ones

Foreigners can freely invest in Vanuatu real estate or in lands. A ‘financial reference’ and a ‘professional reference’ from a local firm, for urban purchases. No permission from Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) Investor’s Certificate or a business license to buy property in Vanuatu. There is a 2% stamp duty and 5% registration fee. (4% in case for companies). 15% VAT is exempted for buyers of residential properties.

Foreign Investor visa

You can get this visa if you Invest atleast $50,000 in a project approved by the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority (VIPA) and have a investment certificate as a Foreign Investor. the foreign investor certificate issued by VIPA indicates that you will be operating a business in Vanuatu, a business license issued by the relevant official body.

Self Funded Visa

It is nothing but a self employment visa ideal for expats and retirees who have pensions.

All visas require proof of earning. The general rule to prove source of income is you need to show. 250,000 Vatu per month for single person or 500,000 Vatu per month for families


Citizenship in Vanuatu through naturalization possible after 10 year of living in Vanuatu under this option or fast tracked citizenship within 2 months is possible through DSP-VCP programs


Vanuatu is a pure tax haven. There are no income, corporate, wealth or inheritance taxes in this pacific island. Vanuatu is particularly popular for offshore company formations.

How to Apply

All foreign nationals who are interested in applying for 10 years Permanent Residency under the PR program, that Vanuatu government has appointed the two companies to issue the Permanent Residency card on behalf of the government. Immigration Vanuatu will not accept any application that is lodged directly to the department for a permanent residency visa without residing in Vanuatu.

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