The United Arab Emirates has become a hotspot for golden visa investments in recent years due to its prime real estate market, international flight connections to anywhere in the world and flexible visa regime attracting a huge number of international investors. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the main regions receiving foreign direct investments.

In 2019, the UAE Government has launched the Golden visa scheme for foreign investors. This scheme was launched open up the country as the prime destination for foreign investment into the country.  UAE offers golden visas for startups, real estate and business investors

Why UAE?

  •  100% foreign ownership in companies,
  • 10 year visas for investors
  • Major hub in Middle east with excellent air connections
  • Hottest property market
  • Home for HNW and UHNW clients
  • No income or corporate taxes
  • No sponsorship required
  • Automatic extensions of visas
  • expats to live, work and do business in UAE.
  • Easy application process through Golden visa platform.

UAE Golden Visa

Foreign investors can apply under these three investment routes. The fee for investor residency is AED 1,150.

1.Real estate – AED 5 million / USD 1.35 million

5 year visa

  • The investor must invest in a property of a gross value of not less than AED 5 million.
  • The amount invested in real estate must not be on loan basis.
  • The property must be retained for at least three years.

2. Public investments – AED 10 million / USD 2.7 million

10 year visa

Visa can be extended to include business partners, on the condition that each partner contributes AED 10 million. The long-term visa can include the spouse and children, as well as one executive director and one advisor. Investors from abroad may apply for a multiple-entry permit for a six-month period.

  • A deposit of at least AED 10 million in an investment fund inside the country
  • Establishing a company in the UAE with a capital of not less than AED 10 million
  • Partnering in an existing or a new company with a share value of not less than AED 10 million
  • Having a total investment of not less than AED 10 million in all areas mentioned, on condition that the investment in sectors other than real estate is not less than 60 per cent of the total investment.

3. Entrepreneurs – AED 500,000 / USD 135,000

6 month visa

Startups must invest a minimum of AED 500,000 and must have an approval of an accredited business incubator in the country. The entrepreneur is allowed a multi-entry visa for six months, renewable for another six months. The long-term visa includes the spouse and children, a partner and three executives.

Startup founders can apply directly for business golden visa platform