Please see below the feedback of testimonials left by our clients for Best Citizenships.

“Very honest and professional service. We asked for the cheapest family passport, they provided us a great discount in lawyer fee”

– Mohammed,  Jordan

“Thank you for your excellent service. Today we received our passports, a happy day. We initially struggled arranging documents and paperwork, but the company was assisting us in every step. Highly recommended people”.

— Adewale, Nigeria

At first it was difficult to understand about Online platform. Greatly benefited from this very interesting digital concept. It will change the citizenship industry forever. No doubt cheap and best service. Kudos to guys who run Best Citizenships.

– PATRICIA, united states

“The help and efforts of Best Citizenships has made a significant difference to my life. My family and I can now travel with our St. Kitts and Nevis passport to so many countries without the need of a visa, it is pretty remarkable and a relief”.

– Nasser, Lebanon

“We applied for St Lucia with a dream of settling there”

– peter, us/uk dual citizen

“I signed up for a new property and to improve my portfolio diversification I bought a villa in Cyprus. While searching about properties in Cyprus I found Best Citizenships informing about the combination real-estate and citizenship! After the investment I left with much more. I was also able to achieve also the citizenship of the country! From a simple real-estate thought to a full improvement of my and my children life’s, being now EU citizens.”

– Vladimir, Russia

“We bought a second home through golden visa scheme in Portugal and eventually got our permanent residency, thanks to professional service given by Best Citizenships.”

– Joshua, South Africa