Jordan first established naturalization by investment in 1999 with its investment promotion legislation.

The Jordan citizenship by investment (CBI) program was never a popular route for foreign investors, but in the last few years it has resurfaced as many high net-worth individuals (HNWI) from the Middle East are looking for security in another country and Jordan has been relatively stable in a tormented region.

Jordan is a $100 billion economy with 98% Arab population out of 10 million residents crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Jordan launched a new citizenship by investment programme in February 2018. It is the first citizenship by investment program launched in Middle east remains attractive for some investors.


  • Citizenship attractive to Arab investors
  • Jordan is at strategic geographic location for trade and business
  • Bank deposit option available for $1m
  • Passport issued for 10 years
  • Visa free access to 50 countries including Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt Lebanon
  • 30 day application process
  • Dual citizenship not restricted

In 2019, Jordan cabinet has made a decision to reduce the minimum investments for citizenship from $1 million (from $1.5m). Other changes include the the minimum period of holding investments reduced from five years to three years.

Eligible Investments

The following are qualifying investments for CBI program in Jordan.

1. Bank Deposit

Investors can make a zero-interest, three-year USD 1 million deposit at the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ),

2. Government Bonds

Treasury bonds/securities for USD 1 million of the same value at an interest rate to be decided by the CBJ for no less than 6 years.

3. SME Businesses

Invest USD 700,000 in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

4. Employment

Investors can also make a USD 1.5 million investment in any location in Amman, or a USD 1.0 million investment if the project is registered in a governorate other than Amman, provided that the project creates at least 20 jobs and remains operational for at least three years


The Jordan CBI scheme is limited to 500 cases annually and investors will be subjected to security clearance and checking on financial adequacy, and in case of violations to any of the conditions, the citizenship will be revoked and residency cancelled. The CBI scheme is administered by Jordan Investment commission.

Golden Visa

It is also possible to apply for just Jordan residency without citizenship. Foreigners have to buy a property in Jordan for $200,000 to qualify for five year permanent residency.

Jordan Passport

Jordanian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 51 countries and territories as of 2020. These countries include Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa etc.