Client Case Study

HNWI individuals seek avenues to expand their horizons and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families. One compelling option gaining popularity is citizenship or citizenship through financial investment.  Understanding the nuances of various citizenship-by-investment programs can be overwhelming. Each country has its unique requirements, investment thresholds, and benefits. our clients face the challenge of selecting the most suitable program aligned with his goals and lifestyle.

We follow a streamlined set of case study with clients who approach us seeking investment based citizenship and residency.

1.Initial Consultation

We engage initial consultation with clients free of charge. First we send information package by email. After the client has digested all the sent details, initial consultation is engaged to client through phone or video calls. Our Client advisors will give highly qualified professional advise

  • Answering total costs
  • Client questions
  • Procedures involved.

After the IC is done, we move on to next step identifying client interests, goals and future plans.

2. Client Goals

We ask some basic questions to evaluate a client’s file.

  • What is client goals and future plans?
  • Do they want citizenship or residency?
  • What is their budget?
  • How many family members applying and their goals?
  • Preferred countries – (3 choices)
  • Preferred factors – climate, location, language etc.
  • Children’s future – Education, schooling etc.
  • Preferred investment routes (3 choices)
  • Expected deadline and start of process.
  • Taxation, Inheritance Asset protection strategies.
  • Real estate interest (purpose, profitability etc.)
  • After support (renewals, payments etc.)

3.Eligibility Checks


Applicable to main applicant, spouse, child, parents, grandparents)

  • Personal information
  • Biodata
  • Passports
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • ID documents
  • PEP, Well Known, High profile persons.
  • Disclose all citizenships, residencies or visas held.
  • Disclose any frozen assets, bankruptcies abroad by authorities.
  • Disclose court cases, warrants or any other civil matter.
  • Business background and experience.
  • Education background (degrees etc.),
  • Current place of residence
  • Travel history (passport stamps)
  • Visa and immigration history (any visa refusals), deportation or
  • Net assets (eg. Properties, investments, bank balance etc.)
  • Criminal history and prior convictions. (see below)
  • Bank accounts held.
  • Name change’s done
  • Origin of money and source of funds (eg. Gift, inheritance, business or property, crypto).
  • Tax filing receipts (check for tax evasion or any conviction)
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • Dual citizenship eligibility (check if restricted).
  • Military records (serving in the army)


  • Age limit
  • Blacklisted country
  • Criminal history
  • Statelessness 
  • Visa or citizenship refusal.
  • Subject of international sanctions.
  • Any other red flags

Criminal history information may include the following:

  • charges
  • court convictions, including penalties and sentences
  • findings of guilt with no conviction
  • court appearances
  • good behaviour bonds or other court orders
  • matters awaiting court hearing
  • warrants and/or warnings
  • traffic offences.

4.Client Boarding

  • Initial set of documents collection 
  • Agent Background check A quick background check is done through a third party due diligence firm, to see if the client fit to apply.  It is required for all applicants CBI/GV
  • Signing of contract of engagement.
  • Payment of initial fees (government and agent)

5.Document Collection

Our advisors will assist clients with compiling all necessary application forms and supporting documents.

Application forms

To be filled by client (no concealing or false representation. Disclose all facts.). Forms provided by agent free of charge.


  • Power of Attorney
  • Filled application forms.
  • Criminal record certificate (FBI, RCMP) not older than 6 months.
  • Copies of passport, birth certificate and ID documents.
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • Education certificate
  • Bank statement (one year)
  • Medical certificate (not older than 3 months)
  • Health insurance policy (GV only)
  • Proof of educational enrolment for children.
  • Biometrics and fingerprint (must be provided at migration office in person for GV)

Documents criminal, birth and marriage certificates must be apostille (notarise if apostille not available.). Translations also required if the original document not in English.

Agent will request further documents as hard copies.

  • Filing for Tax number (only for GV)
  • Opening bank account (only for GV)
  • Application Submission
  • Licensed person will file the application on your behalf to the Government authority.
  • Filing with the Government

All clients and family members have to pass due diligence checks done by government authorities, which take 3-4 months.  Enhanced due diligence checks done on high risk applicants including PEPs, which takes even more time. The Government notifies any missing information or documents will be requested to lawyer/agent who will liase with you. The outcome of the application (approved, denied, pending) is solely decided by government.


Interview required for the approval of citizenship. It is conducted by authorities for each person. In some countries a personal visit required to the immigration office with biometrics appointment (eg. Golden visa programs).

6.Letter of Decision

GV – The immigration authority makes a decision on the residence permit. On approval, a residence is printed out and issued.

CBI – If approved the Letter of approval is issued. Based on this certificate of citizenship is issued. The agent or licensed person takes both this document and approves for the passport at the passport office.


  • Payments must be made from applicant’s account or family member bank account included in the application directly to the government bank account.  No other person or agent can do the payment
  • Some countries require to open a new bank account (eg. Golden visa) and undergo checks to buy a property.
  • If you are paying from a company account, it should not be registered  in tax haven (blacklist), and applicant must hold full  shares.

Payments can be stuck or delayed during the compliance process done by banks.


GV – Full payment must be made with the banking slips evidenced requested by authorities. The investment must be maintained for rewewal of residence permission.

CBI – The full investment has to be made within three months (90 days) from the letter of approval, else the approval ceases or expire and the applicant has reapply.


Taking oaths or swearing ceremony, in person or virtual required to complete the citizenship process.

10. Hand Over

We hand over approvals, citizenship certificate, passports and identification documents through authorized lawyer or proxy. Some countries require a visit to nearest embassy or consulate to complete the hand over process.

11.After Support

We fully support clients with after service with legal services, renewals, company setup, driving license, travel, tax payments, property management and rentals etc.