Seychelles has unique beauty and world renowned holiday destination. The Government has shown a major commitment towards continuous tourism, infrastructure development to support foreign investments. Investment laws have been enacted in Seychelles in order to encourage and protect investments. The Government maintains that certain economic activities are doable and affordable to the Seychellois investors and businesses, therefore such economic activities shall remain reserved for them. The Reserved Economic Activities Policy, April 2020 defines the economic activities that are reserved for the Seychellois investors.

Seychelles offers both permanent residence (aka golden visa) and later citizenship for HNW investors depending on the investment amount.

Why Seychelles

  • World’s best beaches made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean truly beach paradise with deep blue waters and white beaches.
  • Excellent air connectivity to major hubs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Temperature ranges from 25-32 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
  • Highest 96% literacy rate with increasingly educated and skilled workforce.
  • Politically and economically stable environment.
  • World class financial centre with no foreign exchange restrictions.
  • Scores highly in Human development index for Africa.
  • No tax on IBC’s and corporations conducting business activities offshore.
  • Powerful african passport (29th strongest worldwide) with visa free access to EU, Russia, China, UK etc.
  • Excellent air and sea connectivity to major destinations.
  • Buy residential land with government and pay 50% sanction fees.

The Seychelles Investment Act, 2010 defines an “investment” as any contribution made by a person to start or expand any economic activity.  With a substantial investment made in Seychelles, investors may be granted different Permits allowing them, their spouse and children to live and work in Seychelles. The type of Permit will depend on the investment value and length of intended stay in Seychelles. The Seychelles Investment Board’s (SIB) role is to promote and facilitate local and foreign investments.

Golden Visa / Permanent Residence

An investor is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence by Investment by meeting all the requirements below:

  • Have made an investment of USD 1 million or more in a business in Seychelles.
  • Have the means of supporting him/herself during 1 year of his/her residence in Seychelles upon receipt of the Permanent Residence Permit.
  • Have at least 5 years of business association or affiliation as a result of his/her direct investment.
  • Have resided in Seychelles for a period of not less than 5 years on a Dependent Permit or a Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP).
  • Have not been absent from Seychelles for a continuous period of one year or more, without consent from the Minister of Internal Affairs.
  • Have not been sentenced with an imprisonment for more than 1 year under any laws of Seychelles.
  • Is not a prohibited immigrant.

Processing Fee: SCR 1,000
Application Fee: SCR150,000
Time: 3 months

The Permanent Residence Permit allows the holder;

  • To work without a GOP (Gainful Occupation Permit)
  • To be exempt from any other permit to live or work
  • Can buy land and residential property with Government sanction, with only 50% of the Sanction Fee payment.


An investor who has been granted a Permanent Residence Permit or Citizenship and wishes to be accompanied by spouse and children will need to apply for a Dependent’s Permit. This Permit will allow spouse and children who are not of school age (0 to 3 years) to live in Seychelles.


The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2013, an investor who has invested USD 1 million in a business in Seychelles and has been supporting him/herself during 11 years, may apply for a Citizenship of Seychelles. Before being granted a Citizenship, the applicant must submit proof of investment towards starting or expanding a business along with other requirements. Personal assets will not be considered.


  • Resided in Seychelles for an aggregate period of 11 years as a legal resident.
  • Not been absent from Seychelles for a continuous period of one year or more, without consent from the Minister of Internal Affairs.
  • Not been sentenced with an imprisonment of more than 1 year under any laws of Seychelles.

Processing Fee: SCR 1,000
Application Fee: SCR 350,000
Time: 6 months

A Naturalized citizen of Seychelles receives social security benefits, free health care and a state pension if they have worked for the relevant number of years and is able to vote in elections


  • He or she is not a prohibited immigrant
  • Period of absence does not exceed 1 year without consent of Minister
  • Has not been sentenced with an imprisonment for more than 1 year
  • Passes citizenship exam with more than 80 percent mark
  • Has been a legal resident in Seychelles for a period of 5 years or more immediately before making this application

Prospective applicants for Seychelles citizenship would need to answer 25 questions out of a Pool of 100 questions in one of the three National languages, English, French and Kreol in which an 80% pass mark is required prior to submission of application for citizenship.


For either a Citizenship or Permanent Residence by Investment Permit, an application must be made to the Department of Immigration and Civil Status. Each Permit has specific requirements and all supporting documents must be submitted along with the application. Spouse and children may join with a Dependent Permit, or a Student Permit

Application forms – Download (pdf)