The State of Qatar is a wealthiest nation in the world, lies at the strategic position, halfway between Europe and Asia with excellent flight connections to all corners of the globe. More than 2 million expats live in Qatar who comprise of 88% of the population.

Why Qatar?

  • Wealthiest and Fastest growing countries in the Middle East region.
  • Safest country in the World.
  • Backed by world’s third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves
  • High standard of living, with excellent facilities, modern infrastructure, and a mix of local and cosmopolitan culture.
  • Hub for regional and global networks and meetings in international diplomacy, energy, finance and economics, media and sports.
  • There are two routes for securing permanent resident status in Qatar. One is through investment and the other is long term residence.
  • Significant demand for hospitality, residential, commercial and retail projects.
  • Most advanced Arab state for human development.
  • Tax free country, No Taxes income and 10% on business income

Real Estate

Qatar’s real estate sector is driven by a number of factors, including high GDP growth and influx of population, accompanied by employment opportunities and favourable government policies that contribute to the growth of the real estate sector in the country. The potential of the market has been further expanded following the investment in construction projects worth $250bn and the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. (28) of 2020 on the conditions, controls, benefits, and procedures for ownership and use of real estate in the country. Through this decision, the Qatari government introduced new unprecedented property ownership reforms that provide non-Qataris the eligibility to own property and invest in the real estate sector for the first time.

Residents investing a minimum of $1million in real estate are granted permanent residency, which provides benefits such as free health care, education/tuition, and the ability to investment in certain commercial activities. Residents investing a minimum of $200,000 are granted a 5-year renewable residency permit. Such government policies have been enacted in order to grow and strengthen Qatar’s economic development and develop the real estate sector.

Minimum Investment

Expats are eligible to apply for a permanent residency (golden visa) in Qatar by purchasing US$200,000 worth of real estate property in the country, as per Law No 16 of 2018 on the regulation of non-Qatari ownership and use of real estate. Free hold ownership for non-qatar nationals permitted in certain areas.

Residence permit (5 years)   –  In case of purchasing a real estate of the value of not less than USD 200,000 or (3,650,000) three million, six hundred and fifty thousand Riyals, the owner of the real estate shall get the privileges prescribed for holders of the permanent residency card ( healthcare, education and investment), provided that the residence period thereof in the State shall not be less than (90)  days a year, whether continuously or intermittently.

Permanent Residence Permit –  In case of purchasing a real estate of the value of not less than USD 1 million or (730,000) seven hundred and thirty thousand Qatari Riyals, the owner of the property from this category can obtain a residency permit without a sponsor needed, provided that the residence period thereof in the State shall not be less than (90)  days a year, whether continuously or intermittently.

Non-Qataris may own a detached unit in one of the residential complexes, and they may also own the detached units (offices and shops) in commercial complexes and malls in areas other than the areas stipulated in the previous paragraph, provided that the owner does not modify or change the nature, shape or appearance of the unit, taking into​ account the fulfillment of other conditions stipulated in this Resolution and the said Law No. (4) of 1985.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) issues this visa to people who own real estate in Qatar. The entry visa fee is QAR 200 for investors and QAR 100 for spouse

Documents Required

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Letter from concerned authority mentioning investment
  • Good conduct certificate of the application and children above certified by the concerned police authorities.
  • Proof of pass the medical examination outside the country as per the mechanism specified by the concerned authorities
  • Pay appropriate fees.

Permanent Residence

The Law No. 10 of 2018 on Permanent Residence stipulates the establishment of a committee in the Ministry of the Interior called the “Permanent Residence Card Granting Committee”, whose task is to carry out all the procedures related to the granting of the card. The committee will be formed by a decision of the Council of Ministers to form the committee, who will nominate its members and determine the duration of their membership and its working system.

The Law No. 10 of the year 2018 issued by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on 4 Sept. 2018 allows a non-Qatari to obtain permanent residence in the State of Qatar if he/she meets certain conditions in accordance with the provisions of this law.  These changes were implemented as a part of Vision 2030, which aims to create a sustainable and modern Qatar in the next 10 years.


  • The applicant should complete 20 years in Qatar on a legal residence permit if he/she is born abroad and 10 years if born in Qatar.
  • Enough income to cover expenditures of him and his family.
  • Good behaviour and reputation and should not have been convicted of a final verdict on any dishonorable offence inside Qatar or abroad.
  • Knowledge of the Arabic language.
  • Limited quota of 100 permits per year

Permanent residents have right to healthcare, invest in commercial activities of the nation’s various economic sectors without a Qatari partner and the settlement rights passed to family members even after death of the investor.

How to apply?

Qatar investor visa –  Apply online.
Application form – PDF download