Our Services

We are an online platform offering consulting services for Wealth migration programs. Benefit from our wide range of professional services provided by our partner companies. Tailored for clients interested in investment migration, provided by highly skilled experts giving you peace of mind.

Our Solutions

Benefit from world class citizenship advisory service, tailor made for wealthy families who wish to acquire alternative citizenship by investing. Serving in Europe, Caribbean and Asia.

  • Citizenship by Investment
  • Preparation of documents.
  • Submission of Application.
  • Real estate investing.
  • Banking and Financial services.
  • Post citizenship additions (spouse, child).
  • Passport renewals.
  • Oaths, notary and apostille.

Benefit from our professional advisory service, tailor made for those who wish to acquire permanent residence status (green card), investing in real estate, business and investment funds.

  • Second residency in Europe.
  • Legal assistance for family members.
  • Accounting, Tax registration and filing.
  • Residential/Commercial property investments.
  • Annual renewals and compliance.
  • Banking and financial services.
  • Schooling and Educational institutions.


  • Residential & Luxury properties owned by private person or companies. Title deed or buyback shares (refundable)
  • Hotels, Resorts and Commercial properties (Buyback shares refundable)
  • Buying, selling, management and rentals/leasing.
  • Property registration, evaluation, stamp duty and property taxes.
  • Legal assistance – Power of attorney, Notary and Contracts of sale.
  • Mortgage, Loans and Refinancing.
  • Immigration process tied to property investment (visas and residence permits).


  • Bank fixed deposits in financial institutions.
  • Bonds, Stocks, securities and treasury bills issued by government.
  • Public, Private and Venture capital investment funds.
  •  Stocks, Shares issued by Private and public companies.
  • Equity Financing and loans.
  • Trading in major stock exchanges.


  • Framework on design, implementation and promotion of “Golden citizenship” scheme for financial investments.
  • Design, implementation on “Residence visas”, “Investor visa”, linked to investment activity.
  • Setting up “Sovereign citizenship fund” for donation inflows.
  • Vetting and background check standards.
  • Drafting of Law of citizenship for investments (including legalizing dual citizenship)
  • Implementation of Transparency of the program.
  • Crafting of Real estate regulations for citizenship.
  • Policy on citizenship revenues for country development and public benefit.
  • Framework on establishment of CBI Units, Board  within the government.

What We Offer

Our Services


Legal assistance every step through specialized lawyers.


Deposit and account opening services.


Accounting and compliance with International Tax laws.


Bonds, securities and investment funds.

Real Estate

Buying, Selling, Rental, Evaluation, Contracts.


Incorporation of offshore companies, trusts, foundations.


Application Forms, preparation, filing and submission.


Residence permits, citizenship certificates, passports.


KYC, Background verification reports, Compliance etc.


Health and Life insurance coverage


Advisory Design, Implementation, Promotion of CBI programs.

Our Clients

Our client base are wealthy people in United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Middle East seeking to diversify their investments to protect their wealth and assets abroad.  For example, Artists, Business owners, Actors, Investors, Wealth managers, Family offices, Bankers, Business travelers, Expats, Retirees and Fund managers. Over the years, 90% of clients who come to us, have the following primary goal.

  • Visa free travel perk (eg. Travel to schengen, canada, UK and US) associated with citizenship or residency
  • 90% go with property investment in residential and commercial properties, with guarantee full return of investment with annual yields.
  • World class healthcare and education for children.
  • Prefer a country that is close proximity to home and also has high quality of life with minimal residence requirement.

Our Approach

After initial consultation, we help you to identify your short and long term goals.

We help you to chose the best country and program suitable for you depending on your current situation and citizenship. Careful planning required months ahead of your time.

After initial set of consultations and initial KYC checks we determine the eligibility of our clients based on their risk profile. After we decide to board the client, our experts will assist, preparing all required documents, fill application forms and additional documents, liaising with government authorities. Payment terms are flexible.

Full legal assistance to reach your most important goal in life. For example, our lawyers will keep working on your file, until you receive your and family members get EU citizenship and passport, which is possible after 5 years of living.

We ride with you from start to finish all along the way to reach your goals with close followups. We help you maintain your citizenship, investments, residence and property assistance complying with annual renewals.

Our CEO's Message

Prabhu Balakrishnan

“Visa restrictions are toxic to human growth. Those who are born in an unlucky country without a powerful passport, do not get to enjoy global mobility . This is why, a whole new investment immigration industry is born to serve highly successful people who take wealth, talent and business offshore to enjoy higher standards of living”.

-Prabhu Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO