Malta Golden Visa Residence Scheme

Cheapest Option
Financing Bonds
All Inclusive
Refunded in 5 years
Govt Bonds/Stocks
Plus Fees

Malta attracts wealth, talent, investment to its shores providing red carpet welcome to wealthy foreigners investing in the island.

Malta offers golden visa (permanent residency) to investors to invest in Government bonds/stocks/treasury securities for five years.  The entire investment is refunded to investors after five years . Investors along with their family members including adult children and parents receive permanent residency rights to live in Malta.

Malta’s Residency bond scheme requires investors who purchase Government stocks or bonds for EUR 250,000 plus EUR 30,000 state fee.  All family members qualify for permanent residency card in Malta. This program works exactly like Hungarian residence bond scheme which was permanently closed in 2017

Update: New changes to MRVP will be implemented from March 29, 2021 making this program more cheaper.

Malta issues schengen residence permit can travel freely within 26 EU schengen states including Switzerland.

The Malta Residency Visa (MRVA) Programme, provides international investors with permanent residency rights. These rights will apply only for non-EU / EEA / Swiss Nationals. The Programme provides an opportunity for potential beneficiaries and dependents to reside, settle or stay indefinitely in Malta according to Legal Notice 288 of 2015.

Why Malta?

  • Safest country in the World also in Europe
  • Stable political climate, strong economy and investor confidence
  • Gateway to the EU with full access to single EU market
  • Ease of doing business with low corporate taxes.
  • Malta is full member of European Union and Schengen Agreement
  • Warm weather, a sunshine country
  • English is official language being a former British colony.
  • Free movement in Europe and Schengen Area.
  • World class education and health care benefits
  • Opportunity to invest in Maltese real estate market.
  • Prime Destination for EU Yacht registrations with VAT benefits
  • Fastest growing limited real estate market.
  • Multicultural country with diverse cultures and welcoming people.
  • International Tax planning advantages


  • Malta Residency by Investment scheme
  • Permanent residency in Schengen member state
  • Free movement in the schengen area
  • No requirement to live in Malta
  • Low Government fees
  • Foreigners are unrestricted to buy property in Malta and Gozo.
  • PR card for family members
  • Cheapest golden visa scheme through financing.
  • Permanent residency for upto 4th generation family members.
  • Full rights to live, work, study, settle for infinite time
  • Malta Residence certificate issued valid for lifetime
  • Path to Maltese citizenship after 5 years of living

You have two investment options to apply for MRV golden visa scheme. See below

1. Government Bonds/Stocks

Government securities (stocks or bonds) are low risk investments guaranteed back by Malta government after 5 year holding period. You  purchase Govt bonds for 250K now and it is returned back to you after 5 years. All in all, you only pay Govt administration fee and agent fee total costing less than 50,000€ for permanent residency in Malta for your family. Remember children get Maltese citizenship after 5 years. This option is cheap only if you have €250K to invest, else see the below option.

  • Purchase non-interest bearing Government Stock worth €250,000  retained for a period of five years;
  • Pay an administration fee of €30,000;
  • Pay €5,000 for parents-in-law and grandparents per person;
  • Prove net assets worth of atleast EUR 500,000 or annual income of EUR 100,000 (main applicant only) else you cannot apply
  • Agent / Lawyer costs: 30K euro for families
  • Provide a Health Insurance to cover the entire family/dependents;
  • Rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 for a period of five years or purchase a property for a minimum of €270,000.
  • Health insurance coverage (€2,000 per year) for families

2. Financing Option

Financing of Government bonds is the cheapest and most popular option for golden visa in Malta, which offers indefinite rights for settlement. Investors are issued a certificate of residence.

You MUST meet all the following conditions.

  • Total costs €135,000 to finance the Govt stocks or bonds (includes €75K non-refundable financing bond fee plus €30K Govt fee and Lawyer/Agent costs €30K). You can include family members at no extra charge.
  • Adding parents or grandparents you have to pay €5,000 per person.

Additional Conditions

  • Prove net assets worth of atleast EUR 500,000 or annual income of EUR 100,000 (main applicant only) else you cannot apply
  • Rent a house: EUR 10,000 per year for 5 years
  • Provide a Health Insurance to cover the entire family/dependents (approx EUR 2000 (family) per year)

We currently offer this option through a authorized law firm and investment advisor in Malta.

This program best fits for those who dont want citizenship now, for eg. where countries dual citizenship not allowed (eg. China, India, Middle East)

Family members

MRV golden visa scheme allows upto fourth generation family members (ie. Grandparents) along with your parents to be included in the application. This will cost you additional €5000 per person. This is very important because grandparents cannot be left out, giving you full advantage to live as a full family.

Other golden visa schemes do not come with the perk of including grandparents.

Adding family members is flexible you can also add anytime too.

How to Apply?

You can start the process paying initial 10% initial application fee. You pay pay the rest after Govt approval of your application. All payments are done in stages/installments according to the invoices during six month time. Since the process takes more than six months, we ask clients to apply as early as possible.

Processing time

The processing time for MRV applications is 6-8 months. You must make a personal visit once to Malta.


Malta is strict with eligibility conditions. There are also other conditions such as you have to

  • Rent a place for housing in Malta
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Has an annual income of not less than €100,000 arising outside of Malta, or has in his possession a assets or capital of not less than €500,000
  • No criminal record.
  • Clean source of funds.

Restricted countries: Nationals from Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea cannot apply for MRV. Also extends to EEA/Swiss nationals


Citizenship is possible after five years of living under ordinary naturalization. Other conditions include knowledge of english and maltese, free criminal record etc.


MRV Brochure – download pdf 


These are the most common questions asked about Malta Residence scheme. Read more FAQs in pdf

What is the legal background for this program?

The Legislation Malta Residency Programme falls under the Immigration Act and by virtue of Legal Notice 288 of 2015, as amended by Legal Notice 189 of 2017, a third country national who is issued with a certificate in terms of these Regulations, is entitled to the right to reside, settle or stay indefinitely in Malta together with one’s registered dependants.

You can download the acts below

Can i buy real estate for housing?

Yes, you can but it is optional and additional to the above cost. Property prices are cheaper in Gozo, Comino outside main areas. Renting is the cheapest.  You can ONLY own/lease property after receiving the Letter of Approval in Principle.

The property must be held for 5 years before selling.

Is Malta in Schengen?

  • EU member country: since 1 May 2004
  • Currency: Euro area member since 1 January 2008
  • Schengen: Schengen area member since 21 December 2007

Can i get citizenship through golden visa?

Yes, after 5 years of living through naturalization. If you dont live in Malta no citizenship

Do i have to visit Malta for Golden visa?

You only need to visit Malta after Letter of approval is issued (takes 6 months). This is needed to complete all the visa formalities.

Are there any country restrictions?

European Union nationals are not eligible to apply, since the provisions of our regulations themselves exclude them from applying.

All other nationals are eligible, excluding nationals from Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. In the future, applications from other countries may also be excluded in accordance with Government policies.

Can household staff be included as dependent?

No. Only Main Applicant and his/her family dependents are eligible

What type of residence permit issued?

Malta residence card valid for 5 years with unlimited extensions.

The Residence Certificate does not have an expiry date, however the e-Residence Card, will initially be valid for a period of five years – subject to annual monitoring and that the stipulated conditions continue to be met.

There is residence card processing fee applies when a residence card is issued or renewed. The fee is of €27.50 for a one-year time period per person. Hence a card valid for 5 years carries a fee of €137.50.

Can same sex partners apply?

Yes, under MRVP same-sex partners are allowed to apply. In Malta same-sex marriage is recognized.

Are there any physical residence conditions?

None, it is the most straight forward residence scheme

Can i switch to IIP scheme?

Yes, if you are approved under MRV, later you can switch to Individual Investor program (IIP) if you want quicker path to citizenship. Remember you can get Maltese citizenship after 5 years of living without donating 650K for IIP.

Any restrictions on investments under this scheme?

You cannot invest in hotels, offices, etc. The Main Applicant should lease or purchase a residential property that is fit to live in (e.g. a house, apartment or maisonette that is finished – i.e. not in shell or semi-finished condition)

How is due diligence carried out on applicants?

Agents and Identity Malta carry out due diligence on the Main Applicant and their dependants takes 2-3 months

Are loans allowed?


Do i need health insurance coverage?

This is one of the most important requirement under MRV rules. You will need coverage of atleast €30,000 (thirty thousand Euros) minimum. It is important to submit the endorsement letter, or equivalent, clearly listing details of cover, including:

1. List of persons insured
2. Minimum cover per person per annum
3. Covers EU countries
4. Validity of cover has to be of a minimum of 1 years, renewable
5. Not a travel Policy 6. Covers full hospitalisation
7. No exclusions in cover

This you can obtain through an insurance company paying a small price of EUR 200 per year per person.

Can i work under this scheme?

No, main applicant and all family members must apply for separate work permit. Free education for minors only available to MRV applicants only if they have a work permit.

Do i need to visit Malta for biometrics?

Yes, main applicants and all family members need to visit malta for biometric collection. Children under 6 are exempt, also people with disabilities on case by case basis.

Do MRV applicants need to apply for visa?

Malta in general issues two types of visas

  • Schengen visa – short stay validity less than 90 days
  • National visa –  D visa validity more than 90 days less than a year

Once the Malta MRV agency approves your application, you have to apply for D visa at the nearest malta embassy in your country. You can find the full list here

Are there any age limits to include parents and grandparents?

No age limits

How to apply for residency when i am abroad?

You can apply at Maltese embassy/consulate in your country for D visa (long term visa),  if you are outside schengen area. Once the visa is approved within 30 days come to Malta to collect your residence permit.

If you already have schengen visa, come visit Malta and register at the Identity Malta migration office

Can Malta revoke my residence permit later?

Yes, your residency can be revoked in these cases

  • Dont maintain the investment for 5 years
  • Dont have a proper accommodation to live  (ie dont rent a place)
  • Sell your property within 5 years

Family members also lose their residence cards if the main investors permit is revoked

What documents are required?

1. Covering letter 2. Power of Attorney 3. Form MRVP6 and the biometric data page of main applicant and all dependants over the age of 12 and any/all donors/benefactors 4. A biometrics data page for all dependants under the age of 12 5. Form MRVP1 or Form MRVP4 (declaration dependant) as applicable 6. Verification documents if parent of minor is not an applicant but has signed his/her form 7. Form MRVP2 (personal details) 8. Form MRVP3 (medical report and questionnaire) 9. Evidence of due diligence process 10. Statement of source of funds and wealth 11. Bank statements 12. Evidence of business ownership (if applicable) 13. Evidence of employment (if applicable) 14. International passport/s 15. ID Cards (or jurisdictional equivalent) 16. Residence permits 17. Birth certificates 18. Change of name document/s (if applicable) 19. Military records (if applicable) 20. Marriage certificate 21. Divorce certificate(s) (if applicable) 22. Evidence of residential address abroad 23. Police certificates/certificates of conduct 24. Affidavit of dependency (if applicable) 25. Award of custody/guardianship (if applicable) 26. Other supporting documentation 27. Divider for next applicant with printed name

The full list of documents required is available here

Please note some documents such as birth certificates, change of name certificate,  marriage and divorce certificate require apostille to be accepted and translated if not in english

Official documents/notarial certificates originating in China have to be legalised, meaning that such documents have to be certified by the foreign ministry of China and subsequently have to be certified by either the Maltese Embassy in Beijing or the Maltese Consulate in Shanghai.

Which are official documents?

Official documents are:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Marriage Certificate
3. Divorce Certificate
4. Passport
5. Police Conduct (Original only is accepted)
6. Military Records
7. Award of Custody

  • Original Official Documents need to be apostilled/legalised by the government authority of the issuing country.
  • A Certified True Copy of an apostilled / legalised original is acceptable. However, if certification is done abroad, an apostille/ legalisaton of the certifier is required. Translations of original or of certified true copies of these official documents need to be apostilled/legalised if done abroad.
  • National and international hospital are accepted. No need for an apostille.

What is the validity of residence cards issued to minors?

In cases where a Residence Card is issued to a minor of less than 14 years, and the minor turns 14 within the “normal” 5 year card validity, the expiry date of such minor’s card, will fall due one month after his/her 14th birthday. The same applies when dependant turns 18 years of age.

Can i travel and work in other Schengen states?

Holders of the MRVP residence card may only travel to Schengen countries and for a maximum period of 90 days within a 180 day period. Working is not permitted.

How are translations done accepted?

Translations done abroad have to be apostilled/legalised. Translations done locally do not need to be apostilled/legalised but have to be carried out by a Malta registered translator.

Do adult children reaching 27 years of age automatically lose residence rights?

Yes, when reaching 27 years of age the dependant concerned will lose his/her residence status even if he/she continues to be a dependant of the Beneficiary. A separate application need to be made prior to his/her 27th birthday provided that he/she relinquishes his/her right of residence as a dependant. If he/she is unable to meet the conditions of the programme, any request to remain in Malta shall be considered on the merits of the case and in accordance with national rules and policies prevailing at that time.

Can i renew residence card through maltese embassy abroad?

Only visas can be renewed abroad. Residence Cards cannot be renewed through a Maltese Embassy abroad, has to be done at Identity Malta office in person.