Investor Relations

Established in the Hungary in 2012, Our Company has grown to become one of the world’s best-known and most respected citizenship consultancies.We’re seeking to maximise our core business and leverage our existing global platform.

Introduction – Best Citizenships was founded as a startup in 2012. Today we have grown into a small company fully supporting ourself. We seek seed capital from angel investors to “truly” become a global brand to promote citizenship and residency products for high-net-worth clients. We have a family of startups under Yellow network, up on our sleeve requiring funding, with the potential of each becoming a “Global brand” (eg. museum, news company and conferences). This is what set’s us apart from other companies in the market.

We seek new investors in our Global citizenship brand to become a major force in the industry.
– Prabhu Balakrishnan, CEO and Founder

Mission and Vision: We promote Global mobility and Wealth migration to deserving people all across the globe. We imagine a future without borders, free movement and equal treatment. We promote “Become a World citizen” concept.

Reputation – Well Established and trusted players in the market for over 12+ years serving clients. We have been mentioned in Forbes, Investopedia, Bloomberg, Wikipedia, Telegraph,Gulf News, New York Post, The Globe and Mail, Al Jazeera and other major publications.

Global Market – The Global citizenship and residence market is currently a $50 billion market. This is expected to grow at 20% every year project to reach $100 billion by 2030. The major component of this market is tied to real estate.

Client Market – Best Citizenships advises about 5000 clients every year. Many of them are wealthy investors interested in investment immigration. We have raised $100 million in investments since our inception. Our business model is able to self-survive, produce profits, without even any funding or financial loans. Our confidence and trust in this business makes us believe that we can elevate our brand to new heights with funding. We aim to expand our offices globally to serve clients, create jobs. The costs for our citizenship products starts at $100,000 and for Residence products $300,000 (mostly in property)

Revenue – Our consulting model gives high returns to investors. Our major revenue sources are from commissions received from real estate, government and other miscellaneous services. Our government advisory services in designing a new golden citizenship program can produce major revenue stream.

Expenses – Capital injection into our company can be used to pay for expenses such as – licenses, office rent, government advisory,  salaries, pay for marketing and brand promotions, conferences, meetings, advance our research, and travels to meet clients. We also inject fund into our sister startups to expand our global presence.

Returns – Private Investors in our brands can expect returns 5% to 10% p.a. Major investors above $500k will get to have major shareholder in the company and board of directors playing a key role in the expansion of our brands. We can also guarantee investor confidentiality and discretion.

Valuation – The current valuation of Best Citizenships is US$500,000 and combined net, with our other sister brands is about $1 million. Many of our startups still in initial startup phase seeking funding.

Investor inquiries can be sent through contact us for more information.