The Best citizenship by investment program is Vanuatu, for its speed of processing, affordable pricing, easy to apply and extensive passport benefits.

Covid-19 has changed the landscape of citizenship by investment programs. As of 2020, more than 10 different countries offer citizen by investment programs to foreign investors. We published best CBI rankings 2020 few months, but Covid-19 has changed everything and altered the landscape of best CBI programs.

To survive this pandemic and desperate to raise revenues (with no tourism and no economy), a number of caribbean countries have announced government discounts and greatly simplified the application process moving to digital processing platforms. This has cut the processing time from months to just couple of weeks. These changes largely benefits families applying for citizenships.

To arrive at these conclusions, we have considered pricing, passport benefits, simple application process and absence of personal visit requirement. We also considered which programs interest more clients looking at the inquiries we received in 2020.

Vanuatu takes the first choice above all citizenship programs. Saint Lucia and St Kitts take the second and third in terms of popularity making all three the most popular citizenship by investment programs.

Here are the list of best citizenship by investment programs for 2020.

  1. Vanuatu – US$130,000 (1 month)
  2. Saint Lucia – US$100,000 (3 months)
  3. St Kitts and Nevis – US$150,000 (3 months)
  4. Dominica – US$100,000 (3 months)
  5. Turkey – US$250,000 (3 months)
  6. Antigua and Barbuda – US$100,000 (3 months)
  7. Grenada – $150,000 (3 months)
  8. Montenegro – €350,000 (2 months)
  9. Cyprus – €2,200,000 (6 months)
  10.   Malta – €1m (12 months)
  11.   Bulgaria – €1m (24 months)

For Vanuatu, please note that the contribution price of $130,000 includes agent fee all other fee. You dont need to pay anything above this. The agents for Caribbean programs charge additional agent fee above contribution. This is the main difference.

Please note that european countries still require you do make a visit (which is difficult during pandemic) to apply for citizenship. The top 7 countries do not require you to make a trip to receive your passport which can be done at consulates nearby where you live.

What if you can hold dual citizenship?

If you are not interested in citizenship or cannot hold dual citizenship legally, then golden visa schemes that offer only residency suit you very well.

Interest is high

Covid-19 has kickstarted a huge surge in interest for citizenship and residency through investments. The Lockdowns worldwide has forced many wealthy families not be trapped within one country and to think about citizenship or residency  in Covid-19 free countries.

Lately we have seen a spike in interest from americans and britons applying for the investment schemes due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and also brexit.