Vanuatu is undoubtedly one of the best citizenship by investment programs out there for its speed of processing, good pricing that comes with extensive passport benefits.  Vanuatu has the fastest CBI program in the World as of 2020, due to Covid-19 the Government welcomes investment citizens to Vanuatu.

  • Unique CBI program in the pacific
  • Vanuatu enjoys close proximity to Australia and New Zealand and well connected to other pacific islands
  • Commonwealth passport has benefits. You become a Commonwealth citizen
  • Fastest CBI in the world (approval letter issued within 20 days)
  • Passport can be issued in just 1 month  (collected and renewed at consulates nearby)
  • Vanuatu is one of the few Coronavirus free countries in the World
  • Visa free access to 129 countries (Russia, UK, Schengen etc.)
  • No personal visit required
  • Stateless people can also apply
  • Pure tax haven (no income, wealth or inheritance tax)
  • Non-FATCA status  (may interest expat americans)
  • Simple application process (unlike complicated time consuming documentation required for caribbean countries)

Vanuatu Government has officially published the prices for DSP/VCP program to avoid confusion ending misleading and outrageous fee charged by agents. This makes it very transparent fee structure for prospective investors with the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program.

One big difference between Caribbean and Vanuatu citizenship program is the agent fee is already included in the contribution prices for Vanuatu, for caribbean programs agents charge a separate filing fee ($10K to 20K).

How much are the costs for Vanuatu citizenship?

First there are three routes for citizenship

  • USD 130,000 DSP Donation (All countries)
  • USD 130,000 VCP Donation (China, HK markets only)
  • USD 200,000 Real Estate


It should cost you US$ 130,000 a single person to acquire a Vanuatu citizenship under DSP/VCP program. There are no other additional costs. For families, the costs rise.

Here are the official fees prescribed by the Vanuatu citizenship commission. This is the minimum applicable fee (no cheaper than this) according to the Government regulations.

  • Single Applicant – US$ 130,000
  • Married Couple – US$ 150,000
  • Couple + 1 Child – US$ 165,000
  • Couple + 2 Child – US$ 180,000
  • Additional children or dependents – US$ 10,000 per family member

The above fee is everything, all inclusive of agent and lawyer fee. You dont need to pay anything more and and there are no additional fees. Payments can be made in any following currencies USD, EUR, CHF, AUD, NZD etc.

You must also prove you have USD 250,000 in net assets for eligibility check.

Additional fees you must be a aware, which is quite normal for agents to charge you.

  • FIU due diligence fee – $5000 / application (for Govt)
  • Passport fee – $250 / person

There are no other additional costs besides these. The agency fee is also included.

It is important to remember that you are only required to pay Govt donation and half of lawyer fee, only after the Vanuatu citizenship commission issues approval letter within 20-30 days. It is a simple and less complicated paperwork.

Here is the clear breakdown, so that you will know where the money you pay goes. As you can see the agent fee and lawyer fee is already included in the total amount. You don’t need to pay extra.

Breakdown of CIP fees Govt donation
Single Applicant ($130,000) $130,000
Married Couple ($150,000) $150,000
Couple + 1 Child ($165,000) $165,000
Couple + 2 child ($180,000) $180,000

Source: Vanuatu Citizenship Commission

Real Estate

You have to invest atleast USD 200,000 in approved real estate projects with 20% in advance and rest after approval.

On a last note, you have to remember that if you become a citizen of Vanuatu through investment, you will not be allowed to vote in elections, enter politics, or hold government job positions (only possible for naturalized citizens) according to the Constitution of Vanuatu.

Secondly if you break the law or engage in illicit activities, Vanuatu will quickly strip your citizen status and passport.

We accept direct Bitcoin for Vanuatu citizenship.