Have we learnt anything at all from Covid-19? The Lockdown restrictions taught us the importance of family and loved ones.

The Covid19 Lockdowns has made ALL of us to rethink about having second residence or citizenship abroad. Don’t be trapped in one country under draconian rules, hostile governments run by dictators, political chaos, inequality, racial segregation, economic meltdown and harmful tax regimes.

If you fear for your safety, you should be ready to pack the bags and run, else you are trapped forever! This cant be done in last minute, must be done atleast a year in advance.

Two major events that cross our mind ..

Lebanon is reeling with ultimate crisis amidst triple disasters (Covid19, Economic crisis, Explosion). The Beirut explosion caused an earth shattering $15 billion in damages happening at the worst time. With the country’s economy already in tatters, the lebanese pound devalued significantly, the worst economic and financial crisis since a 1975-1990 civil war, resulting in recession, a plunge in foreign reserves and rising inflation.

On the other hand, the US has struggled and is still struggling to control the pandemic. The US passport has become the weakest passport in the world, pretty much useless now due to americans are imposed travel bans by outside world. Many americans including many wealthy families are already considering emigrating to Europe and other coronavirus free countries

This goes on to show all country nationals must have a Plan B in place, no matter where you come from and how comfy you are. A second residency or citizenship is a must for everybody, which opens up infinite possibilities. Dual nationality is also a great investment.

Covid19 has created some important safe haven investments and citizenship has emerged as the most important powerful status during the pandemic giving full rights to enter and leave the country, when tighter rules apply for visas and residency holders.

Being rooted in one country will only prevent you from exploring new opportunities, freedom abroad and importantly you wont be able to secure a great future for your children. This is why we see investing in family is the ultimate investment and a best gift for the future even during pandemic times.

When you plan a country for alternative citizenship or residence, look for safest countries in the world that have contained coronavirus efficiently (this way you don’t have to be in frequent lockdowns), stable political climate, healthcare, education system, very high living standards and stable currency. Download our mindmap for citizenship planning

What we have seen is small countries in the world with less population have been very successful to control the pandemic efficiently. These small countries also tend to be the richest countries in the world offering highest standards of living.

Due to pandemic, Europe’s schengen area is pretty much closed for outside world, yet managed to have a grip on the pandemic. Due to the best quality of life these countries provide, efficient healthcare support, the demand for residence and citizenship programs in Europe has skyrocketed even during pandemic times. This is unlike anything we have seen before. With the travel restrictions are gradually opening up, Covid19 has sparked huge interest for citizenship and residence planning for the future.

Millions of people across the globe are searching for new life and new opportunities abroad. Globalization and the pandemic is changing the world forever. Don’t miss out on the ride and you won’t regret it later. Don’t trap yourself in one country! Get out and enjoy freedom!