Golden visas are the most popular investment programs to acquire fast track permanency by foreigners. Many investors do not know which golden visa programs offer permanent and temporary residency.

It is critical to understand the difference between temporary residence permit (TRP) and Permanent residence permit (PRP). Temporary residency is issued only for one or two years with extensions, while permanent residence permits are issued for 5 years or more.

The longer the validity makes things easier and less hassle for you, so that you don’t need to apply for renewals visiting the immigration office again and again. It also saves money for you visiting the country frequently from abroad.

Golden visas do not require investors to live or immigrate at all. You have to just visit for few days to keep your residency alive. You can also chose to live for 6 months, there are no time limits, until the validity of residence permits. Remember if you want citizenship, you must spend more time living continuously in the country

Let us take a look on which golden visa programs offer permanent residence to foreign investors.

PortugalReal Estate / €280,000Temporary residence permit
SpainReal Estate / €500,000Temporary residence permit
GreeceReal Estate / €250,000
Strategic Investment / €250,000
Permanent residence permit (5 years)
Permanent residence permit (10 years)
MaltaGovt bonds / €135,000 (financing)Permanent residence permit (5 years)
ItalyBusiness / €500,000Temporary residence permit
NetherlandsBusiness / €1,250,000Temporary residence permit
LatviaBonds / Real Estate / €250,000Permanent residence permit
Cyprus*Real Estate / €300,000Permanent residence permit
Bulgaria*Real Estate / €250,000Permanent residence permit
United StatesEB-5 / $900,000Permanent residence permit (Green card)
United KingdomTier1 Investor / £2,000,000Temporary residence permit
IrelandCharity Donation / €500,000Permanent residence permit (Stamp 4)
CanadaQuebec / C$ 1,200,000Permanent residence permit
AustraliaSIP Investor / A$ 1,500,000Temporary residence permit
New ZealandInvestor stream / N$ 3,000,000Temporary residence permit

*Non-schengen countries

Now you can see why Greece, Malta are the most popular golden visa programs, because they offer immediate permanent resident status. These rights also extend to all family members. Remember, these countries offer permanent residency in the schengen area.

Golden visas offer residency rights. These are much preferred schemes by many chinese and indian nationals as these countries do not allow holding more than one citizenship.

Finally, don’t confuse Malta golden visa program with citizenship program. Infact Malta has three programs, one citizenship and two golden visa programs running. We have seen this from many americans.