The Coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide crisis of epic proportions. With the fears of second wave around the horizon, the affects of Covid-19 will likely be felt for years and years to come.

With no economy, no tourism the caribbean countries are now offering discounts for citizenship by investment programs, to raise revenues and battle Covid-19. These are limited time discounts are largely targeted to attract families thinking about second nationality. These small countries have managed to control the pandemic, remain one of the few coronavirus free places in the world.

The Global health crisis had made common man not just global rich in the lockdown to seriously think about second citizenship for the future.  Citizenship is undeniably the best pandemic investment for securing families future.

Investment citizenship schemes provide a faster, easier way to acquire passports for the global rich, in just a matter of months. Caribbean countries offer a number of benefits such as

  1. Second nationality through investments
  2. Citizenship planning for the future
  3.  No personal visit required.  Procedures completed at nearest consulate where you live (due to covid-19)
  4. Free movement and mobility across the Globe  post Covid-19
  5. Education at best universities abroad for children

We will show which countries offer discount and how can you save your money when applying for passports.

1. St Lucia

Saint Lucia became the first country in the Caribbean to major Covid-19 discounts to the citizenship by investment program.

Saint Lucia offers Covid-19 bonds for citizenship purpose and has slashed the investment to 50% to USD 250,000 (instead of USD 500,000). Processing fee is also waived. So basically you buy a government bonds and sell it off after 5 years with no interest paid, citizenship is yours forever. You wont waste any money, this way it is the cheapest investment option. Oh, it is a great passport from a beautiful caribbean paradise. Remember this is a limited time offer runs only until Dec 31, 2021

The Government processing fee for bonds have been reduced to US$ 30,000 (instead of $50,000) to make the bond option more attractive and affordable.

There are also discounts that apply to families. Basically families can save upto $25,000 to $40,000 depending on how many dependants apply

  • Applicant applying with spouse US$140,000 (previously $165,000)
  • Applicant applying with a spouse and up to two other qualifying dependents US$150,000 (before $190,000)

2. St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts remains widely popular citizenship for investment scheme in the world. Due to Covid-19 this small twin island federation offers huge savings for families under NDF donation option, infact you can save upto US$45,000 if you apply as family.

No changes to single applicant or for real estate investment.

  • Family of up to 4 will get reduced price to US $150,000 (instead of $195,000) as part of a limited time offering

This limited time discount has been extended in 2021.

3. Dominica

Dominica is also very popular passport program in the Caribbean. Dominica also offers discount to families under EDF donation route.

Under the new discount offer,  families can save upto USD 25,000 in Govt fees under the EDF donation route.

  • Family of four with 2 children  USD 175,000 (instead of USD 200,000)
  • Siblings can also apply but have to pay additional USD 50,000.
  • Adding a spouse to main applicant costs just USD 50,000
  • No changes to the single applicant remains at USD 100,000.

No time period applies for this offer.

4. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua have always remained the cheapest citizenship program for families. A family of upto to 4 can acquire antiguan citizenship by paying USD 130,000 (includes $30,000 Govt processing fees) to the NDF donation option.

Antigua announced Limited time offer to add children to approved applicants by paying just a flat fee.

  • Dependents aged 0 – 5 years  –  US$10,000.00
  • Dependents aged 6 – 17 years  – US$20,000.00

The limited offer will expire 31st October, 2020

University Fund

Antigua and Barbuda Government announced new investment route in 2020 making it more cheaper for family of six people applying.

If you apply as a large family (6 or more persons), then the newly launched UWI University Fund option can save you upto USD 35,000 through route compared to the NDF fund.

5. Grenada

So far Grenada has not announced any Covid-19 discounts to citizenship investors.

You can use our CBI calculator which is updated regularly, has been programmed to reflect the price changes to all the programs. This way you compare the prices of all the CBI programs.

We keep this page updated once the Govt announces any offers. Please note discounts possible only with Govt fees, not with agent fee or any other associated fees such as due diligence etc..

6. Vanuatu

Vanuatu has not announce any discounts for investors. The prices remain the same.