Covid-19 has sparked a huge interest in the citizenship and residence planning for the future. The importance of second citizenship or residency abroad has never been felt before until now. This has led to huge interest in citizenship and residence by investment programs.

Covid-19 is an eye opener for many people. The Lockdown restrictions has made even a common man to think about alternate second residency abroad.

The Rich and wealthy are already looking at emigrating to Covid-19 free countries.  A number of small countries have effectively managed to control the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Interest is also high among Americans. A large number of americans are exploring the possibility of emigrating abroad to Europe and other parts of the world, as the coronavirus spreads faster in the US, after mitigation measures have failed.

Many Caribbean countries have eased requirements for acquiring citizenship and have slashed prices for citizenship by investment schemes making it more attractive to pandemic investors.

Covid-19 is a global crisis. Its effect likely to be felt for many years. Investing in your family and loved ones giving them ample opportunities abroad can be the best pandemic investment

It is absolutely important that ALL country nationals must have a plan B in place to secure the future. Probably the right time to think about becoming a citizen of the world.

We tell HNW clients to prepare months in advance (not in last minute) when it comes to citizenship and residence planning abroad. If you have missed the ride or lost an opportunity before, it is not too late yet. There is still time. Plan for citizenship or residency six months in advance.