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Netherlands is a important EU member country rich in art, culture, economy and trade. The country is home for canals, cycles and tulips. Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands.

The Netherlands has the 17th-largest economy in the world and one of the most developed and densely populated countries in western europe. Netherlands ranks among the highest in international indexes of press freedom, economic freedom, human development, and quality of life. Netherlands’ literally means ‘lower countries’, referring to its low land and flat geography, with only about 50% of its land exceeding 1 metre  above sea level. The country has a long history of social tolerance and is generally regarded as a liberal country, having  legalised abortion, prostitution, and euthanasia, while maintaining a progressive drug policy. Amsterdam is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands.

The Dutch strategic location gives it prime access to markets in the UK and Germany for international trade, with the Port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe. The Netherlands continues to be one of the leading European nations for attracting foreign direct investment and is one of the five largest investors in the United States. The country has a migration rate of 2.0 migrants per 1,000 inhabitants per year (2%).

Why Netherlands?

  • Financial hub and trade capital in Central Europe
  • Visa Free movement in schengen zone
  • Residence permit for family and children
  • Safe banking system, topnotch health care and high-quality education.
  • No minimum residence requirements.
  • Work in Netherlands
  • EU citizenship after 5 years of living
  • Invest in Dutch real estate market

Foreign Investor Visa

The Netherlands launched foreign investor visa scheme on Oct 2013 for High-net worth individuals (HNW). The program aims to attract foreign investors to bring substantial investment in The Netherlands to boost the Dutch economy.

Update: The Netherlands government has announced ending of investor visa scheme from Jan 1, 2024.

Eligible Investments

You invest an amount of at least € 1.25 million euro in any of the following

  1. An innovative company in Netherlands (startups)
  2. A contractual joint venture that invests in one or more innovative companies;
  3. A venture fund recognised by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, or
  4. A venture capital fund affiliated to the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP).

The investment must have an added value for the Dutch economy and will be assessed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) . The Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses a points system. The added value is there if the investment meets 2 of the following 3 criteria:

  • Within 5 years at least 10 jobs will be created.
  • A contribution is made to increasing the innovativeness of the Dutch company; this may be proven through, among other things, the introduction of a patent, investing in both technological and non-technological innovation or investing in a company that belongs to a top sector.
  • There is another, non-financial added value, such as specific knowledge, networks, clients and active involvement of the investor.


  • The capital which is invested has not been gained through illegitimate means. The IND can ask information about this from the Netherlands Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands). You give permission to investigate the origin of your capital abroad.
  • You have not given incorrect information or withheld relevant information in a previous application for a residence permit.
  • You have not previously been in the Netherlands illegally.
  • Must open bank account and deposit the amount to be invested into a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State with a branch in the Netherlands.

Application Forms

  • Provisional residence permit for Foreign investor – Download pdf
  • Residence permit for Foreign investors – Download pdf

Investment Returns

10% to 30% depending on the investment setup. Please reach us for more information

Application Fees

Investors must apply for residence permit with the purpose of residence of ‘wealthy foreign national’ (‘foreign investor’).  The application fee is € 2,137.  Extension € 1166,00

Residence permit

The residence permit issued is valid for maximum three years and can be prolonged by visiting migration office in Netherlands. The residence permit also permits foreign investors  to work  in Netherlands. The residence permit card will show ‘arbeid vrij toegestaan’ (work freely permitted)

There is no requirement to live permanently in Netherlands and investors and family are free to leave the country anytime.

Other conditions include, You will need to rent a flat or housing in Netherlands and comprehensive health insurance coverage for all family members. In order to obtain a residence permit, you (or the person you represent) must be prepared to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test and – if necessary -treatment.


As of  1 July 2016, the scheme for foreign investors was amended with three main changes:

  1. The first residence permit for foreign investors will be valid for three years instead of one year.
  2. Foreign investors will no longer require an auditor’s report. However, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will continue to check for suspect transactions in order to combat money laundering.
  3. A simplified method, based on a points system, will be used to assess the investment. This means that the investment must contribute to the Dutch private sector in two of the following areas:
    – employment;
    – innovation;
    – non-financial (for example, the investor’s network and specific knowledge).

1. Startups

Invest in a startup directly subjected to the following requirements

The startup must be registered in the Netherlands as a B.V. and fulfil 2 of the 3 below conditions:

1. Within 5 years at least 10 jobs will be created in the Netherlands.

2. A contribution is made to increasing the innovativeness of your Dutch company; this may be proven through, among other things, the introduction of a patent, investing in both technological and non-technological innovation, or investing in a company that belongs to a top sector.

3. There is another, non-financial added value, such as specific knowledge, networks, clients and active involvement of the investor.

2. Venture Capital fund

You can invest €1,25 million in a venture capital (VC) fund: you can compare it with putting your money in a fund that will invest on the public stock exchange like the NASDAQ. However, in this case the fund will not invest your money on the stock exchange, but will invest it in startups. The advantage is that the fund manager will do the work, has more knowledge on startups, and spreads the risk by investing in multiple startups. This is a unique opportunity to invest in Dutch innovation in a diversified way.

After the investment, you obtain a residence visa, which becomes a permanent residence visa after 5 years. This applies to you and your direct family.

How to Apply

  • Submit an application at Dutch embassy in your country for MVV (provisional residence permit visa) and fee to be paid on instructions
  • The embassy forwards the application to IND in Netherlands and a decision is taken within 90 days
  • Investors will be approved of MVV which they can use it to travel to Netherlands and collect residence permit

Permanent Resident

Long term permanent residency in netherlands possible after 5 years of uninterrupted living in Netherlands.

Netherlands Citizenship

After 5 years of living in Netherlands, you should be able to get PR which then later converted to citizenship. Expect six years for citizenship. You must pass also Dutch language and cultural tests.

Netherlands Passport

The Dutch passport is ranked 5th powerful in the world, with visa free travel to 186 countries in 2018


These are the frequently asked questions about dutch golden visa scheme

What are the investment returns?

Invest in the Dutch startup industry, and receive 10-30% IRR, plus receive a “Golden Visa” from the government at an investment of €1 . 25 million ($1 . 42 million). A fast and easy way to receive citizenship by investment for the EU, and eventually a passport.

Is this schengen visa?

Yes Netherlands is a fully member of schengen and visas and residence permits issued by schengen states, gives you free movement in the the schengen territory.

Is the EUR 1.25m investment must be made before the visa?

When a VC fund/start-up is chosen by you, we will contact the organisation to ask how many shares you will get for your €1.25M investment.  The investment will only need to be transferred once the application is approved by the Dutch government, so there’s no risk here. ​

In the investment papers we will insert a condition: “you only transfer the €1.25 million, IF the Immigration Services grants you the Dutch residence permit”.

What is the processing time?

Please allow atleast 2-3 months to receive your golden visa.

  • Investment contract: 30-60 days
  • INS immigration: 10 days

The Dutch golden visa is also a fastest golden visa scheme as INS immigration authority takes decisions within 10 working days.

What is the validity of Dutch residence permit?

First 3 years and then it can prolonged to another 2 years. After 5 years you get permanent residence permit. To seek extensions you need to fulfill the following conditions

  • You rent/ own residence accommodation in the Netherlands.
  • You have Dutch health insurance.
  • You paid your taxes and social security.
  • You did not involve in criminal activities.

Why Netherlands attracts number of startups?

Startups choose the Netherlands for a variety of reasons:

  • Strategic location
  • Exceptional quality of life
  • Competitive fiscal climate
  • Multilingual workforce
  • Best market to test your product
  • International business climate
  • Creative and innovative environment
  • Superior infrastructure

Do taxes apply?

Personal taxes apply if the investor decides to live for few months in Netherlands or not. Capital tax applies for dutch investments, but it depends on foreign investments.