Since the Hungary residency bond scheme closed in 2015, Malta residence visa scheme (MRV), became the most popular golden visa scheme, becoming the perfect replacement for the hungarian scheme. Both Malta and Hungary are schengen member states.

The Maltese residence scheme required foreigners to buy residence bonds or stocks, worth atleast €250,000 to qualify for permanent residence status in Malta. There is also a €30,000 government processing fee.

Like the hungarian scheme, the Malta scheme also offers financing to those who want the cheapest option to obtain residency in Malta.

Why Malta?

  • Schengen member country,
  • Cheapest golden visa in Europe
  • No physical residence requirements.
  • Residence permit issued upto to 4th generation family members

How financing works?

Instead of investing €250,000 you only pay €70,000 as fixed fee for buying and holding the required qualifying investment (eg stocks) by a authorized financial firm in Malta.  Plus on top of that you pay €30,000 Government fee.

So in total you only pay €100,000 for the Maltese residency bond scheme. This covers all costs, including agent fee, lawyer fee and government fee.

Note: Financing or loans possible for only certain country nations. Please contact for more information

Residency Bonds

If you decide to invest full €250,000 and dont want to pay fixed fee, then you have to buy zero interest Government bonds  listed in Malta stock exchange.  Keep the investment for 5 years and after you will get back the entire €250,000 with zero interest. Even after the investment period ends, your keep permanent residence card forever. The total costs will come around €290,000 (broker charges and €30,000 government fee)


We work with the authorized law firm and licensed financial investment company in Malta. Please contact us for more information