The REO program for Vanuatu citizenship by investment commenced 23 July 2021. Applicants for citizenship under the REO must invest in a property in a Vanuatu Government Approved Project (VGA Project) in addition to payment of the prescribed fees.

A Qualifying Property is a Lot registered under the Community and Strata Titles Act [CAP 266] in a VGAP for the REO Program for a minimum price of USD 200,000.  The actual price of the Qualifying Property will vary depending on the purchase price set by the developer of each project.

There are 4 currently approved VGA Projects as follows:

  • “Pacific Springs” situated at Rentabao on the island of Efate;
  • “Narpow Point Coral Bay” situated at Narpow Point on the island of Efate;
  • “FPF Rainbow City Project” situated at Narpow Point on the island of Efate;
  • “Milai” situated on the island of Espiritu Santo.

1.Pacific Springs

Pacific Springs is to be developed as an exclusive private tropical estate of low rise resort style condominium apartments with the additional core benefits associated with an on site luxury hotel, Casino, retail and F&B facilities, arranged around Vanuatu’s premier golf course. The estate of 184 Hectares is located on 3km of pristine white sand waterfront located just 15 minutes drive from the international airport at Vanuatu’s Capital Port Vila.

Pacific Springs Vanuatu

2.Narpow Point Coral Bay

The Infinity – Narpow Point Coral Bay is located just 25 minutes from the Port Vila International airport on the Island Efate ,Vanuatu.  Theresort is nestled on the shores of Teouma Bay. The Infinity – Narpow Point Coral Bay is a Government approved project for the Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate Program (“the REO Program”). 

Coral Bay Vanuatu

  • Investors in the Infinity – Narpow Point Coral Bay obtain a title deed to their property which they can pass on to their children or sell after the qualifying period. 

  • Approximately 100m2 property on Title with the apartment approximately 42m2.

  • Exit Strategy: Investor may sell the Property after 5 years and retain Vanuatu Citizenship for life.

  • Dividends paid from 1st year of Resort’s operations, after 36-month construction period; Estimated 3% of Investment Value

  • Full share costs $200,000

3.Rainbow City

Rainbow City is located in the Tamanu, white beach area of Efate island in Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila a massive housing and shopping development on Vanuatu’s main island. The project close to the main city with convenient transportation, equipped with complete supporting facilities (featured shopping town, shopping mall, international school, medical center). It is supported by private, Chinese-backed investment

Rainbow City

Image credit: Radio Free Asia