We are happy to announce that Best Citizenships is a Bitcoin friendly citizenship and residence platform. At Best Citizenships we have adopted new technology and digital payments towards the future, taking to next level. We accept Bitcoin payments directly from our clients for citizenship by investment and golden visa programs.

The popularity Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have exploded over the years gaining mainstream adoption. In light of these developments, we directly accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and all major cryptocurrencies for the following programs.

1. Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

  • Vanuatu – $135k citizenship donation or real estate)
  • St Kitts and Nevis – $400k real estate only)
  • Antigua and Barbuda – $200k real estate only
  • Grenada – $200,000 (Real Estate)
  • Saint Lucia – $200,000 (Real Estate)
  • Turkey – $400,000 (real estate)

As of 2024, you can also make bitcoin or cryptocurrency payments applying for CBI and golden visas for..

  • Payment of lawyer fee, agency fee.
  • Purchase real estate properties (Caribbean, Europe etc).

2. Golden Visas

  • Portugal – Bitcoin Accepted (500k euro VC investment fund)
  • Greece  – Bitcoin Accepted (250K euro real estate )

Important – Please prepare all necessary documents for proving source of funds and also police certificate. You will be subjected to KYC, AML and Due diligence checks by our lawyers.

Please contact us for more information.