Portugal parliament this month has voted to continue Golden visa program, but without real estate investments to avert a housing crisis. The promulgation is yet to be signed by President of the Republic and then the amended law will come into force after the government publishes in the gazette. The deadline is approaching fast, with little time left for last minute property investors.

For over a decade, property investments remained the most popular choice to foreigners, with over 90% of the visas issued to foreigners applying for Golden visa program went to property investments.

For those who want to catch the last golden visa train, we have last properties available for investors who want to still invest in portugal real estate, our offerings all sold out. We made special arrangements with the developers, reserving last few ones ONLY for Best Citizenships clients. This is a unique 280K euro reduced investment, fully refundable after 6 years, pays 6% annual returns. By the time you apply for Portuguese citizenship (EU), you will get your entire investment back, guaranteed by the property developer. This is a complete package we offer to save time includes

  • Obtain NIF tax number (1 week)
  • Open bank account (1 week)
  • 10% Reservation deposit
  • Lawyer to give you legal advisory.
  • Assistance with preparing necessary documents
  • Filing the application (before deadline)
  • Tax preparation and Social security
  • Assistance with Residence permit renewals
  • Filing Application for Portugal citizenship

The most important benefit to investors and their family in Portugal GV scheme provides indirect pathway to EU/Portugal citizenship. The conditions to naturalise for citizenship are:

  • No criminal record
  • Hold Residence permit in Portugal (GV) for 5 years.
  • Main the investments.
  • Satisfy minimum residence 2 weeks annually in Portugal
  • Pass portuguese language test. (A1)
  • Establish genuine link (paying taxes, social security etc.)

Important to note that EU/EEA nationals, Russia, Belarus are ineligible to apply to GV. Also those who are listed in the schengen SIS refused database may have difficulty in applying. Portugal GV is a family friendly program, you can add parents (of spouses), siblings and children in one application. Applications from same sex and defacto relationship (unmarried) accepted by Portuguese authorities.

All Golden visa programs have limited shelf life and won’t be there forever giving a limited window of opportunity.  It is upto you to grab this golden opportunity with both hands to start a new life in Europe. As the deadline is approaching fast, we tell investors not to miss out the last ride to Portugal. Once the changes come into effect, the minimum investment will increase to 500K euro can only be invested in investment fund or job creation or artistic projects.  Get the last golden ticket to Portugal. This is perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity that will change your life.

Please contact us at the earliest before the time runs out.