A lot of people who come to us and even CBI industry experts, do not properly understand what is an online e-platform is. We will try to clear things up and explain clearly what is a citizenship platform and how it works.

Best Citizenships, a startup launched in 2011 is the first online citizenship e-platforms for the CBI industry is a great example for online platform. An online platform provides digital services have become a new trend changing the way so much that you can buy citizenship or residency online with complete trust.

A citizenship e-platform pretty much works like Airbnb or Uber operating online as app or website. These platforms connect buyers directly to sellers through the online platform.  You use the app to order a car, uber hooks you up directly to the car driver. Uber does not own a single car, yet the startup has become a billion dollar company. So does Airbnb.

A Citizenship e-platform connects clients directly to authorized agents. The platform itself does not advise or provide any service to clients. All our services are free of charge. We do not charge any fee to clients. We connect clients to trusted government authorized agents, the key here is trust and clients using our platform dont have to worry about trust issues. Imagine you approach somebody new and you dont know anything about them.

A citizenship e-platform such as Best citizenships, works with trusted partners operating in more than 10 countries. This way you dont just work with one company or person, expanding your scope of seeking advise.

Another important benefit of using the platform is, they can communicate directly to authorized agents seeking advice, paperwork pricing negotiations, discounts etc.

This way it gets cheaper and faster for clients and can also avoid brokers selling real estate at marked up property prices.

The citizenship e-platform provides several tools compare prices, price calculator to giving an overall picture on the prices making it transparent and honest. This saves a lot of time clients contacting several agents asking them for quote and compare which one is cheaper.

We do not charge any fee from any clients, instead we are compensated by the partners who work with us.

Most importantly we respect the privacy and discretion of investors in citizenship matters. This is why our partners advise clients offline outside the platform with data protection.

Our online platform remains updated with all the latest information happening with CBI and Golden visa schemes. This way you know what is happening in the industry.

All in all, a citizenship platform is a win-win for clients.