Now that the Government only announced closing of Golden visa program to avoid housing crisis, Portugal would debate and vote on the draft law scraping the program on March 16. After that amended law to officially scrap the ARI golden visas. We expect the government would give more time for all backlogs to go through. The fate would lie on accepting new applications. One of the major drawbacks with Portugal is long waiting times 10-12 months investors and family members needed to wait for residence permits.

CBI and Golden visa schemes are not forever. Dont miss out on the golden ride to have a better life in Europe. All countries that operate golden visa program are under intense pressure from the European Commission to phase out all investment schemes by 2025. We received increasingly number of inquiries asking us for alternatives of Portugal golden visas and we answer below.

Greece and Malta are still top alternatives for Portugal. Both countries offer permanent residency status in the Schengen. Malta is the cheapest as far as we know. Note that Greece will double to 500,00 euros from 2024. Ireland golden visa is officially closed. Spain introduced a bill to close Golden visa program there. You can still make use of the 250,000 property investment until the end of the year by committing to 10% deposit.

Golden VisaInvestmentCondition
Greece250,000 €Real estate
Malta100,000 €Donation. Must prove €500,000 in assets (eg. properties, investments, cash etc)
Spain500,000 €Real Estate
Latvia250,000 €Bonds or Real estate
Cyprus300,000 €Real Estate. Note Cyprus is Non-schengen
Netherlands1,250,000 €Dutch companies or investment funds

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