The Citizenship by Investment in St Lucia is so unique and one of a kind completely different from other Caribbean CBI programs . It is simply a superb globally respected CIP program,

So many things have changed with St Lucia since the CBI was launched in 2015 making it cheaper, easier and faster for Global HNWI investors.

No wonder we ranked St Lucia as the No.1 CIP for 2021 for these unique distinctions. The CIP Saint Lucia will continue to be a major economic driver and a catalyst for strategic economic diversification and growth of the country.


St Lucia remains the cheapest citizenship by investment program for single persons applying for citizenship. The NDF route requires USD 100,000 non refundable one time donation to the state, plus USD 9,500 (DD + application fee) and finally lawyer fee (upto USD 10,000 depending on family or one person).

The Government in 2020 due to Covid has cut CIP prices for families applying for citizenship encouraging more wealthy HNWI investors to apply

Personal trips

St Lucia like other CBI programs does not require the applicant or family members to travel to St Lucia for the purpose of citizenship by investment. All formalies can be completed from the comfort of your home. The Government understands due to Covid and worldwide lockdowns  it has become impossible to make trips abroad.

Covid Relief Bonds

St Lucia is the only country in the Caribbean offering interest free repayable Covid relief bonds issued by government for citizenship by investment. You can buy these risk free bonds with 50% discount for USD 250,000 available until Dec 31, 2021. After 5 years the entire sum is refundable guaranteed by government.

Considering the entire sum is refundable, the net costs you pay for citizenship is less than $50,000 (there is a government administration fee of $30,000 plus Due diligence and lawyer fee, no other fee apply – all the application fee is waived off by the government)

Post citizenship additions

St Lucia now allows adding children, spouse and other dependants any time at your convenience within 3 years from the date from citizenship granted to main applicant. This way you dont need to commit too much money upfront during covid times. Please refer to Citizenship Investment Regulations No.73 of 2020

Nature and Beauty

St Lucia is insanely famous for piton mountains, chocolates, rainforests, blue beaches and beautiful botanic gardens attracts millions of nature adventurers from around the world.


The average processing time has been cut to just 56 days under digital processing of applications through the new CBI online platform. The issue of passports takes 90-120 days

Digital processing

St Lucia’s inhouse application, e-payment and processing platform are unique features that cannot be found in another CBI program.

New Citizens

St Lucia’s new CBI citizens are considering Saint Lucia for retirement and as well as an investment destination becoming a  valuable and permanent members of the society.

Citizen Rights

St Lucia offer full citizen rights for investors such as right to vote, engage in politics and work for government with equal rights. These are important perks are not available with other CBI programs. This makes St Lucia a complete citizenship by investment program.


St Lucia’s commitment to good governance and transparency, combined with unique innovations geared towards virtual citizenship,

Tax benefits

St Lucia has no capital gains, inheritance, wealth or estate taxes. Corporations registered have no limits on foreign exchange transactions, invoices can be made in any currency. Companies in St Lucia pay no taxes on foreign income (no capital gains tax).