Covid and lockdowns has made impossible for us to travel and visit countries to acquire citizenship and passports.

Covid has accelerated the popularity of citizenship by investment schemes (CBI) that require any sort of personal visits. Covid has opened up possibility of digital citizenships which can be obtained from your home. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars taking trips abroad and the risk of covid.

Covid pandemic passports acquired through CBI programs have soared in popularity than Golden visa programs, these GV schemes still require mandatory personal visit to the country to complete the property and registration formalities with immigration authorities. From what we have seen many of our clients find it impossible to buy real estate with travel restrictions around and no visas issued at consulates. Without the final visit, the whole residency process pending and incomplete. This is not the case with CBI passport programs.

It may come as a surprise, there are only 6 countries in the world that will offer you quickest citizenship without travels or visits, put simply, you dont have to set foot all.

You get passport in few months after passing background checks. Residency is not required and there are no language, civic tests or interviews making it all the way interesting during the times of Covid..

Total CostsPassport time framePersonal visit
Vanuatu$130,00030 daysexempt
St Kitts and Nevis$150,000100 daysexempt
St Lucia$100,00100 daysexempt
Dominica$100,000100 daysexempt
Grenada$150,000100 daysexempt
Antigua$100,000100 daysexempt

These small countries depend on citizenship revenues during Covid times,  have greatly simplified citizenship regulations exempting visits to country to naturalize investors.

They even setup digital processing of applications and accepting e-payments.

All other countries that run CBI  schemes require personal visits. It is impossible to get passport in these countries without doing a mandatory trip  These countries also require you to apply for residency first before citizenship.

  • Malta
  • Montenegro
  • Turkey