The Right to vote is one of the important privilege for economic citizens. It is also very important part of any democracy.  It is widely recognized as a fundamental human right, this right is not fully enforced for millions of individuals around the world.

The History of Voting and elections goes back as far as as ancient Greece and ancient Rome,to elect rulers such as the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope. The first recorded popular elections of officials to public office, by majority vote, where all citizens were eligible both to vote and to hold public office, dates back to the Ephors of Sparta in 754 B.C

The question of who may vote is a central issue in elections which decides the formation of government. CBI programs are no exception. Those who apply for CBI, are not properly aware which programs offer these important rights.

  • Right to vote in elections
  • National Politics
  • Hold public or government offices

Those CBI programs which do not offer these important rights are not complete citizenship by investment programs. Take a look below..

We have compiled list of CBI programs giving you these rights.

As you can see, CBI programs offered by St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Vanuatu do not offer voting rights or holding public offices.  Likewise, Grenada and Saint Lucia are complete programs offering all citizen rights. along European programs.

We also included these rights in our ranking model for Best citizenships rankings 2020

CBI Voting / Public office / Politics
Antigua and Barbuda no
Cyprus yes*
Dominica no
Grenada yes
Malta yes*
Montenegro yes
Turkey yes
St Kitts and Nevis no
Saint Lucia yes
Vanuatu no

*Right to vote and to stand as a candidate at elections to the European Parliament and at municipal elections

This compilation will come in handy to you, at any point in life, you may decide for the government or you decide to enter into politics in the future. It wont come as a surprise for you, after becoming an economic citizen of St Kitts, you later find out you are barred from barred from politics and cannot vote either.

Please be aware of these subtle differences when you pick a CBI program.