You may be wondering which is the cheapest route to get citizenship by investment. We have a solution for you.

Earlier this month Saint Lucia has rocked the CBI industry, introducing a super interesting Covid-19 Govt relief bonds option for citizenship purpose reducing the investment by 50% to just US$250,000 (from half a million dollars). It is a very limited offer will only be available until end of 2020.

A neat trick to get citizenship, the cheapest way for under $50,000 in Saint Lucia is to make use of the Covid Relief Government bond option which was introduced for a limited time until Dec 31, 2020

Government bonds (or sovereign bond) first of all are low risk investments, sold to investors probably safest in the world. It is fully guaranteed by Government with fixed interest after certain holding period. Bonds are issued by governments to raise money to finance projects or government spending. ( deprived countries issue bonds to fight Covid-19 pandemic)

How does this trick work?

You buy Non-interest bearing Covid-19 Government bonds in Saint Lucia for $250,000 and you get back the entire principal without any interest after 5 years, guaranteed by the Saint Lucia Govt. For Citizenship you have to pay $30,000 administrative costs plus there is $7,500 due diligence fee. All this money goes to the government. The Application fee $2000 is also waived, to make this scheme exciting for clients.

Summing up you pay now $287,500 now and you get back $250,000 after 5 years. That is all in all, Citizenship is yours for just $37,500 cheapest possible route for one person. This number could go up for families plus there he also additional agent fee. You can also add child or family members later paying a flat fee.

This is possible only if you have $250K cash to invest. If you dont have that much money, you may have to use the NDF donation option. You will pay one time $109,500 (includes DD fee) to Government plus agent fee for one person.  Saint Lucia did cut prices to families making it even cheaper in 2020. Please use our calculator

Remember financing not possible.

There is no cheaper way than this to achieve your travel and financial freedom legally.

Saint Lucia is a super nice country, probably most beautiful caribbean island in the world, it would be impossible to ignore getting a second citizenship in this British commonwealth country with stunning beaches. It is also tax haven  (no tax on incomes from outside of Saint Lucia, taxes on dividends, wealth or inheritance exempted).

CIP Saint Lucia has greatly simplified citizenship process, not requiring you to visit the country, during the Covid-19 crisis. Once all the background checks are completed you are issued citizenship certificate along with Saint Lucia passport which can be collected at the nearest consulate or through authorized government agent. Saint Lucia has diplomatic missions worldwide offering excellent support to citizen services.

The Saint Lucia passport is a proof of your citizenship. You can start using the passport from day one, board a plane without any visa to visit EU schengen states (26), United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore.

You also have full rights with citizenship such as right to live, work, study and even right to vote and hold government offices.

The latest prices published by the Government of Saint Lucia is below effective from May 12, 2020

It is worth mentioning some country nationals have been blacklisted and cannot apply. In case of Saint Lucia, Iranians cannot apply for citizenship by investment program.

If you are looking at different citizenship options in Europe, Bulgaria and Turkey offer citizenship against government bonds too! Malta golden visa is another example for using government bonds, if you want permanent residency in the schengen area.

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment