Saint Lucia has made important changes to the pricing model  under Citizenship by Investment (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 to make the CIP attractive for investors midst the pandemic. New Covid-19 bond investment also introduced as Limited Time Offer (LTO) until the end of 2020

From now on prices were cut for families making it cheaper and  cheaper government bonds option were introduced as a limited time offer. The mnimum subscription of St Lucia government bonds to acquire citizenship also cut by 50%

Saint Lucia is the only citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean currently that government bond option. No other country has this option.

  • National Economic Fund – Prices for donation for applying as family cut by $25,000 and more.
  • Real Estate – Waiver of non-refundable administration fee ($55,000) for main applicant and children who are under 18 and enrolled in educational institution. This makes real estate investment more cheaper.
  • Covid-19 Government Bonds – Government bonds introduced $250,000 at half the price (previously $500K required) held for 5 or more years with Non refundable administrative fee of $30,000. Non refundable processing fee, with regard to an investment by the purchase of Government bonds under regulation 12(3), is waived

The new rules will apply from May 12, 2020

NDF Prices for Families 

Price cuts apply for families applying under National Economic Fund donation route.

  • Applicant applying alone US$100,000 (no change)
  • Applicant applying with spouse US$140,000 (previously $165,000)
  • Applicant applying with a spouse and up to two other qualifying dependents US$150,000 (before $190,000)
  • Each additional qualifying dependant of an applicant applying with a spouse and two other qualifying dependants US$15,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent US$25,000
  • New-born child of a citizen who is twelve months of age or below US$500 Spouse of a citizen US$35,000
  • Qualifying dependants of a citizen other than a spouse US$25,000

Adding Dependants

It is also possible for children, spouse and dependants can be added later within 3 years of receiving approval by just paying a flat fee for passports

New born child – $500

Spouse – $35,000

Dependent – $25,000

Covid-19 Government Bonds

Under the Limited offer, purchase of bonds must be made by the 31st day of December, 2020. For citizenship, bonds must be registered and remain in the name of the applicant

The new investment conditions for government bonds are as follows

  • applicant applying alone US$250,000 5 years
  • applicant applying with one qualifying dependant US$250,000 (6 years)
  • applicant applying with up to four qualifying dependants US$250,000 (7 years)
  • applicant applying with up to four qualifying dependants US$300,000 (5 years)
  • each additional qualifying dependant US$15,000

Administrative fee: $30,000
Processing fee: $2000 waived.

The principal value of Govt bonds returned to the investor after holding period without any interest. Citizenship is permanent comes with full voting rights in Saint Lucia. This program is mainly popular with americans.

Government of Saint Lucia’s Bonds are issued under the National Savings and Development Bonds Act Ch.15.25 of 2005 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia. After the application for citizenship has been approved, the applicant must make their purchase of the non-interest bearing Government bonds through the Debt and Investment Unit in the Ministry of Finance

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