If you are just one individual or single person, looking for a Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) passport, then Dominica and Saint Lucia have the cheapest one under donation option. You just need to pay $100,000 one time contribution to Government fund, plus application and due diligence charges.

Here is our quick price comparison with other citizenship by investment schemes,

The Government donation ($100K), application fee ($2000) and due diligence fees ($7500 approx) included below.

Please use our CBI calculator to calculator for family members.

Passport Price
(Single persons under Donation option)
Saint Lucia $109,500*
Dominica $109,950*
Vanuatu $130,000
Antigua $137,800
St Kitts and Nevis $157,750*
Grenada $158,500
Montenegro €395,000

*These programs have reduction in prices due to Covid

Note: Authorized agents charge fee around $3,000 to $5000 for single person, depending on the program. The above fee includes all Govt fees including due diligence fees. For Vanuatu, agent fee already included in the contribution.

There are no hidden fees besides the above.

Dominica vs St Lucia

Here are some important differences between Dominica and St Lucia.

  • Dominica signed new visa waiver with Russia and St Lucia has no visa waiver with Russia
  • Saint Lucia now offers Covid-19 Govt bonds. If you use this route you will be paying less than $50,000 for citizenship.
Dominica St Lucia
Donation $100,000 $100,000
Passport validity 10 years 5 years
Visa free countries 135 (Russia, EU, UK, Ireland, Israel) 144 (EU, UK, Ireland, Israel)
Due diligence strict strict
Personal visit no no
Residence conditions no no
Consulate support worldwide worldwide
Real Estate $200,000 $300,000
Publish names in Gazette Yes No
Revoked citizenship before No Yes
Government bonds no option $250,000 Covid offer
Processing time 90 days 90 days

Note: Antigua is the cheapest CIP for families, while Vanuatu is currently the fastest CBI passport issued under citizenship investment scheme.

Please contact us for a private consultation and we will provide you accurate quote.