The Vanuatu Government created DSP (Development Support Program) in 2016 under Citizenship Act [CAP 112 S 20], which was first enacted by the Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu and came into force in 1980. It was amended in 2013 and twice in 2014.

The History of DSP program goes back to 2016 when it replaced the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP) that offered Honorary Citizenship to bring in much needed investments in the country.

The Development support program remains the most popular citizenship by investment programs in the World. There are two types of CIP promoted by various agents: The Development Support Program (DSP) and Vanuatu Contribution program (VCI). Both programs have the same investment requirements. The only difference is VCI was awarded exclusively to a Hong Kong company for the Chinese market. VCI and DSP  programs bring in USD 120 million each year for the government.


Vanuatu processes citizenship by investment applications much much faster than any other country in the world. The Approvals for citizenship can be received in 20 days and passport time is another 7 days from approval. All in all the average time frame from filing application to passport is about 25 days, that is if all documents in order and submitted correctly. This is 4 times faster than any caribbean programs and EU passport programs are the slowest taking atleast a year wait. FIU background checks take 3-4 days.


Vanuatu DSP competes heavily with Caribbean CBI schemes, infact Vanuatu is much cheaper than St Kitts, Grenada and Antigua.

Vanuatu charges less due diligence fee $5000 per application, while Caribbean programs charge $7500 for each family members above certain age. Note the difference per application and per family member. This makes Vanuatu even cheaper for families.

For example St Kitts you have to pay $150K contribution, plus $7500 due diligence fee, plus $10K lawyer fee. With Vanuatu you pay $130K contribution plus $5000 due diligence fee. That is all there to it.

Easy Application Process

Vanuatu does not require you to provide complex set of documents and certifications unlike other CBI programs. It is a simple application process. Refer to the documents checklist for DSP program. Remember you have to also prove USD 250,000 in total net assets to apply for Vanuatu DSP program. This in compliance to asset check requirement.

No personal visit

The DSP program does not require you to take any trip or travel to Vanuatu. Due to Covid all borders are closed in Vanuatu for outsiders.

Powerful passport

Vanuatu has a power passport in terms of visa free travel. You can visit 125 countries and territories by just using a Vanuatu passport for short trips business, tourism, visiting family and friends. Some of these countries include

  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Russia
  • Schengen Area (26 countries)
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Vanuatu now provides a long passport validity of 10 years making it easy for you.

Citizenship procedure

Vanuatu follows a safe and standard procedure to protect clients investment and money. Initially you only pay $5000 due diligence fee for filing application. The rest you only pay after receiving letter of approval. This also means you dont pay the investment if you are rejected.

Vanuatu DSP Citizenship Process

  • Pay just $5000 due diligence fee and provide initial set of documents (police certificate, passport copies etc)
  • Wait for Approval in principle issued by Vanuatu citizenship commission (VCC) takes one week
  • After approval, pay the remaining full investment.
  • Wait for Letter of Approval issued by VCC
  • Receive Vanuatu citizenship certificate
  • Take oath and solemn affirmation online in front of commissioner of oaths
  • Collect your passport at your nearest Vanuatu consulate

No Agent or Lawyer fee

Vanuatu citizenship program does not impose agent or lawyer fee. Unlike other Caribbean and European programs where agent charge a hefty fee, the DSP program already includes agent fee in the contribution you make. This is fixed by government for agents. So out of USD 130,000 contribution the USD 80,000 goes to state fund and the rest USD 50,000 goes to agents and lawyers.

To avoid any confusion the Vanuatu citizenship commission has made the fee structure fully transparent. The announcement is available here

You dont have to pay extra.

DSP contribution

  • Single application: USD$130,000
  • Married couple application: USD$150,000
  • Married couple with one child under 18 years old: USD$165,000
  • Married couple with two children under 18 years old: USD$180,000

These are non-refundable investments

Additional fees:

  • Due Diligence fee (per application) non refundable: USD$5,000
  • Passport application (per person): USD$250
  • Administration and disbursements: USD$500

Fees for additional family members

  • Each additional child (aged under 18 years): USD$10,000
  • Each dependent child aged between 18 to 25: USD$10,000
  • Each dependent adult over 50 years old: USD$10,000

Full Citizen Rights

The Citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu and the nationality as Ni-Vanuatu or a citizen of Vanuatu. Those applying for and receiving Vanuatu Citizenship under the Development Support Program have the full right to reside in Vanuatu at all times and their passport is renewable upon expiry.

DSP citizens do not qualify for right to vote, work for government or engage in politics.


Due to Covid, Vanuatu citizenship office has changed  rules to take oaths online at the nearest consulate when you collect passport. This has to be taken in front of officer for oaths. You can download the oaths format (pdf)

Open to All Nationals

All country nationals can apply with some exceptions. The Vanuatu DSP program is not open for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea or Yemen, unless they have permanent residence outside those countries and have lived outside for more than 5 years.

Citizenship is hereditary

DSP Citizenship is hereditary. A child and any resident dependent of the person or his or her spouse are entitled to Vanuatu Passport Renewal upon expiry

Tax Free Country

Vanuatu no income tax, no corporate tax, wealth, and inheritance tax on economic citizens who dont live in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is also a non FATCA country.

Real Estate

Vanuatu DSP and VCI are purely donation programs real estate removed by government. You can get permanent residency (no citizenship) buying real estate at the moment.