Vanuatu operates two different citizenship by investment programs. Often this can be very confusing to clients. Both the programs have similar investment requirements. Here we will try to explain important differences between the two programs in best possible ways.

While DSP/VCP schemes are 90% similar, the main difference lies in voting rights and number of agents marketing the schemes.

Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP) Development Support Program (DSP
Donation  USD 130,000 USD 130,000
Citizenship Ordinary citizenship  Ordinary citizenship
Honorary Citizenship No No
Market Awarded exclusively to a Hong Kong company for the Chinese market All countries
Right to Vote No  No
Residence requirements  None None
Hold Government Office No No
Real Estate  No option  No option
Processing times 4-6 weeks 6-8 weeks
Authorized agents 1 50+
Third Generations Parents above 50 years can apply Parents above 50 years can apply
Passport Ordinary passport Ordinary passport
Oath ceremony In Vanuatu or Abroad or Online Vanuatu or Abroad or Online

Note: Vanuatu made several changes to citizenship legislation in 2019 for both DSP and VCP schemes. A new REO Real estate option was introduced in 2021.

Voting rights

Right to vote is only available to naturalized or born citizen of Vanuatu, according to Vanuatu constitution published in 2020. Dual citizens cannot vote without meeting a ten-year residency requirement.