Passport validity is important factor to consider when applying for citizenship by investment programs. After all you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, you would expect a long term validity passport issued by governments. This will save you lot of time, money and hassles when it comes to passport renewal.

Infact, we introduced the passport validity as an important ranking factor in our PBS scoring model for the Best citizenship by investment rankings for 2020

Don’t forget that you are expected to have more than 6 months passport validity when you travel to many countries. The passport should not expire before that.

These CBI countries will issue ten year validity passport for families, hence these are the valuable CBI programs for those who look for a strong passport for visa free travel and long validity.

CBI Program Validity
Vanuatu 10 years
Malta 10 years
Dominica 10 years
St Kitts and Nevis 10 years
Turkey 10 years
North Macedonia 10 years

These countries that run citizenship by investment issue only a short term validity passport. Many clients dont find these CBI programs attractive due to short validity of passports issued under CIP regulations

CBI Program Validity
Antigua and Barbuda 5 years
Saint Lucia 5 years
Grenada 5 years

All expiring passports can be renewed at nearest consulates worldwide, without visiting the country for a passport fee

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