Portugal has the most exciting golden visa program in the European Union. Infact, it was Portugal that invented the whole new ‘Golden visa’ brand for investment activities, when the Government launched the ARI scheme in 2012.

Portugal is one of the most exciting countries in Europe to live, study and invest. Due to its close proximity with US continent, Portugal is more accessible to Americans and also many from south american countries. Portugal also attracts a large number of Brazilians due to common portuguese language, offering an easier path to EU citizenship.

It is important to remember EU/EEA nationals cannot apply for Portugal golden visa. Britons should be eligible to apply from 2021 onwards when full brexit is complete.

So how much is golden visa in Portugal?

First you must know, a golden visa in Portugal doesn’t come cheap. It will cost you 300K euro and upwards and the most popular path to residency in Portugal is real estate route.

Let us take a look at the investment options available for investors

Real Estate

  • €280,000 in Rural areas (also the cheapest route 20% discount)
  • €350,000 in Major Cities (refurbished properties)
  • €500,000 in Lisbon and surrounding areas

Note: Important changes to PGV scheme will commence from Jan 1, 2022.  Property investments will not be available in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and coastal regions after this date. All investments will be shifted to inner regions of Portugal.

Capital Transfer

  • €250,000 euro in arts, culture and national heritage projects
  • €350,000 in Investment funds, Share capital with job creation (funds must be regulated and approved by SEF)
  • €1,000,000 or above in Govt Bonds also possible

On top this investment, you must be also ready to pay taxes and other application fees.

What is the cheapest price?

For example, let’s say if you buy a real estate in Portugal for 280K euros in rural areas, the SEF will offer 20% discount plus property taxes apply.

Real Estate (minimum) €280,000
IMT (property transfer tax)  1%-6% depending on location, new or second hand etc€16,800 (max)
Stamp duty 0.8%€2,200
IMI (municipal tax paid annually) 0.8%€2,200
Lawyer fee 1%€2,800

In addition, these are the visa fees charged by Portuguese authorities..

Government Processing Fee

€ 513.75

Initial investor residency permit

€ 5173.60

All in calculating all the costs, be prepared, to pay around €310K euros for property investment in Portugal. This is the absolute minimum.

It is absolutely important to hire a lawyer to check on clean titles and property papers offered by developers. Afterall you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you should be on your guard while investing.

You have to keep in mind, the cheapest real estate option for 280K euro offered by property developers quickly sell out, while 350K and 500K properties are largely available for many investors.

Remember, the time frame to receive your golden visa will take anywhere from 3-4 months,

Letting out your property, is one way of making income from your property.  Some developers do offer returns. We recommend one personal trip to Portugal to check out on properties before investing.

Popular areas to invest are coastal and seaside areas in algarve, lisbon, porto, coimbra, these areas tend to have much higher appreciation of yields and rental value

What makes Portugal so interesting?

Portugal offers full citizenship path after 5 years of living, without spending much time in Portugal. In addition children born in territory of Portugal can register for citizenship after just one year if alien parents hold residence permits.

Citizenship is very important for children, considering their education and future.

Remember Portugal passport is one of the best passports in the world with visa free to United States, Canada, Australia and over 180 countries and territories. A few years wait for citizenship can reward you handsomely.