Many of you might be aware Portugal offers golden visa for 350,000€ in real estate, which remains the most popular real estate route, only few heard about Government bond option of portuguese golden visa.

Portugal does offer golden visa for buying government debt under the capital transfer option  requires equal to or above €1m euros.

It is possible to buy €1.5 million euro worth of

  • Portugal debt instruments such as treasury bonds, savings certificates and ordinary treasury bills: statement issued by the Agency for the Management of the Public Debt – Agência de Gestão de Tesouraria e Dívida Pública – IGCP, E.P.E
  • Securities can also be purchased held individually deposited with a safekeeper

Update: Effective Jan 2022 with new rules, Portugal government has increased the minimum investment for bonds 1.5 million euros.

The investment is locked for 5 years and fully refunded without interest. Investors in this scheme will be given a long term permanent residence permit under golden visa

Portugal SEF has published official documentation guide for investors who wish to make capital transfers in the form of portuguese public debt instruments.

Applicant must also submit a declaration issued by a financial institution accredited or registered in national territory by the Bank of Portugal, confirming an actual international bank transfer of funds for carrying out such investment  confirming bank accounts with a quarterly average balance of 1 million Euros or more, in which the funds were actually transferred from abroad

ARI/Golden Visa holders applying outside Portugal, must present an extract from his/her criminal record – duly certified by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular post abroad

Spain, Italy also offer investor visas for buying €2m euro worth of government bonds, stocks or treasury securities.