The Covid-19 waves of global pandemic has made us to go back and rethink about everything. The Global financial markets is in turmoil, plunging oil prices and stocks has made us to rethink about investment strategies. As we head towards, global recession, there is no such thing as safe investment during pandemic times.

If at all we learn anything from the pandemic is the importance of family and working from home. Midst all the chaos, one humane thing will prevail forever. That is caring for family and loved ones.

Citizenship can be the ‘greatest gift’ you can ever give to your family. Investing a new citizenship for your children perhaps can most the most important decision in your life. There no better investment in the world than this, citizenship is second to none. This is because citizenship is permanent for life and can be passed on to family generations.

Invest in secondary citizenships your kids. Imagine your children becoming US or EU citizen and living with great benefit of freedom to live, study and work across many continents without applying for visas.

Freedom is all about living in the best country in the world, that offers peace, safety, equality, access to education and healthcare systems in the world and respect.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made even a common man to think about alternate citizenships or residence abroad to escape lockdown, as big economies have fatally failed to control the outbreak of pandemic. The Citizen status is perhaps the most important status, during pandemic times, as visa holders and residents denied entry in many pandemic hit countries (only citizens are allowed entry).

Therefore it is absolutely important that all country nationals should try to engage in second citizenship planning. During these uncertain times, nobody knows what will happen in the future.

It is you who have to open your eyes wide open, to have a glimpse of freedom. The One citizenship culture will only trap you forever within one country and their bureaucratic policies, without giving you a single chance to taste freedom, opportunity and success, waiting for you elsewhere in the world.