Where to invest during Covid-19 pandemic? The Coronavirus has created new safe haven investments when it comes to valued investing in safe havens.

As waves of coronavirus spreads and people are put in frequent lockdowns, many have thought about citizenship and residence planning abroad, escaping to Covid free countries for a peace of mind. This has led to spike in huge interest for investment based citizenship and residence schemes.

Traditionally, these assets performed very well during the pandemic and demand will be more in the future

  1. Gold – Gold is the ultimate safe haven investment. Prices of gold skyrocketed during pandemic.
  2. Food and groceries – There will be always a demand for basic things. Greece food exports up 10% during first five months of pandemic.
  3. Healthcare – Healthcare industry often neglected. Vaccine and pharma research requires lot of investment and demand will be more in the future
  4. Tech stocks (netflix, facebook, zoom etc) – Stocks of tech and online companies flourished during the lockdown when more people began to use digital technologies.
  5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies – This type of asset class resisted covid-19 and managed to survive hostile government takeovers and financial regulators. To this day Bitcoin remains a free people’s currency. The value of these assets infact jumped high
  6. Oil and Gas – Commodities like oil and gas quickly recovered after a brief plunge. Gas is still needed to transport goods and basic supplies. Once the airline and travel industry resumes oil and gas prices will likely explode.

But, these are only material investments of limited value.

Have you thought about investing in your family and loved ones giving them a future? Investing in family and loved one’s is undoubtedly the ultimate safe haven investment.

Don’t let your family be trapped in one country, preventing them exploring new life, freedom and opportunities abroad. May be it is time to give them safe haven options for the future.

Education is the important investment

Wealthy HNW families always considered education for children is the most important investment and are prepared to pay high price tags to study in prestigious universities. While UK, US and Australia have world class universities with the most expensive tuition fees, Europe is far better choice for low tuition fees and even sometimes free education..

New Safe Haven Investments

Citizenship investments are second to none. These can be the best investments during pandemic times. Citizenship can be passed down to all family generations making it as an ultimate status of the 21st century. Likewise a permanent residency is for life give you indefinite rights to live, work, do business, study and free movement (eg. schengen area).

Covid-19 created three new asset classes which have emerged as new save haven investments.

  1. Citizenship
  2. Passport
  3. Permanent Residency
  4. Second Home

A new citizenship that comes with a  shiny new passport can be the best gift for families.

Europe is the New Global super power

As Europe emerges a new global super power midst global uncertainties for efficiently controlling outbreak, there is a huge interest and demand for citizenship and residence programs in Europe.

The Good news is citizenship and residence planning doesn’t cost a fortune. Prices start from $100K depending on the country and program. It is important to understand you must plan for citizenship and residence well in advance atleast six months ahead. Dont do it in the last minute.

Please note above is not investment advice. Know that all tradition investments comes with associated risks.