Where to buy second citizenship? Today we will you Top 10 cheapest places to buy citizenship from Europe to Caribbean.

Investing in citizenship can be the ultimate family investment. First you must know these are legal citizenship by investment programs run by Governments. Prices start from $100,000. Secondly all applicants must go through background checks before being approved of passports.

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Are you ready for the top 10 citizenship by investment programs?. First we start with Malta.

11. Malta

Malta offers EU citizenship in 12 months if you invest close to one million dollars. They are very picky who they grant citizenship with stringent background checks.

10. Bulgaria

No. 10 on our list is Bulgaria. This calm beautiful country received EU membership in 2007 but does not participate in schengen area. Bulgaria offers fast track citizenship in 12-20 months if you invest 1 million euros in Government bonds, can be financed for 300,000 euros. Bulgaria is a low tax country.

9. Cyprus

No. 9 in our list is Cyprus. Cyprus has the fastest EU citizen by investment program at the moment. Just buy real estate for 2 million euros, you get EU passport in 6 months.

8. Turkey

No 8 is Turkey. The Turkish citizenship program is extremely popular among arab investors. Just buy a real estate for $250,000 you get passport in 4 months. Turkey has a whopping $2 trillion economy, a great country to live and work.

7. Montenegro

No. 7 in our list is Montenegro. This beautiful country is a leading candidate for EU membership by 2025. Invest 250,000 euros in a hotel for a passport in 3 months. This brand new citizenship by investment program is  limited to only 2000 investors

6. Antigua and Barbuda

No. 6 on our list is Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua remains the cheapest citizenship program in the caribbean for families. Prices start from $100,000 onwards for this commonwealth passport. Remember You must visit this country for 5 days when renew your passport.

5. St Kitts and Nevis

No.5 in our list is Saint Kitts and Nevis, this twin island federation is one of the richest caribbean islands with just a population of 55,000. Saint Kitts is often touted as the birthplace of citizenship by investment in the 1980’s.  This powerful passport comes with the price tag of $150,000

4. Dominica

No.4 is Dominica. Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship program remains very popular in the middle east comes with a price tag of $100,000 onwards. Dont confuse Dominica with Dominican Republic

3. Saint Lucia

Are you ready for the top 3? No.3 on our list Saint Lucia. This country is a caribbean paradise.  Prices for instant citizenship start with $100,000 or you can invest in government bonds for $250,000 refunded back in 5 years for permanent citizenship.

2. Vanuatu

No.2 in our list is Vanuatu. The Pacific country of Vanuatu offers commonwealth passport for a price tag of $130,000. It is currently the fastest citizenship program with a very simple application process. Vanuatu is a pure tax haven

1. Grenada

Yes you guessed it right. No.1 in our list is Grenada. This citizenship program gives you the best bang for your bucks when it comes to pricing and passport benefits. Prices start from $150,000 and the passport comes with visa free access to UK China, Russia and Europe. You can also apply for E2 investor visa to US becoming a Grenadian.

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