Are you ready for the the ultimate question of the week?

If you are a HNW person, have access €2 million (euros or dollars)  which one would you pick between the two UK and Cyprus programs. These two programs are similar investment requirements, compete each other to attract very wealthy clients.

1. United Kingdom  

£2 million Tier 1 investor visa is a golden visa program. You get UK residency. No instant PR and citizenship – only after 5 years. You must risk this investment since they removed Govt bonds (Gilts they say). It is still the fastest golden visa program in the world with the entry clearance decisions issued within 1-2 weeks.

UK passport does have visa free access to Cyprus and does not restrict freedom of movement.

With the Brexit done, UK is no longer part of the EU and Britons will lose EU citizenship rights and two words “European Union” will be erased from new UK blue passports.

It is still important to remember UK is still the most attractive country to live, work and do business and has the world’s best universities for education and health care.

2. Cyprus  

This program is a citizenship by investment program requires €2m real estate investment gets you EU citizenship and passport in just 6 months. It is the fastest passport program in EU for wealthy families. Government bonds removed from this program last year, you must also risk the investment can invest in businesses or investment funds.

Cyprus passport has visa free access to UK. There is also a talk EU implementing electronic authorization from 2021 for Britons.

Cyprus has also many advantages, low tax jurisdiction, english widely spoken being former english colony and great climate with lots of sunshine.

What is your choice?

Considering Brexit and everything sometimes picking the right one can be tricky choice.

Here is the ultimate question that final nail in the coffin – Do you want to become UK citizen or EU citizen?

Remember this decision will change your life. Come to us for a free consultation if you cant decide.