A number of HNW investor clients have contacted us questioning how to trust citizenship by investment programs that offer fast track passports for investment.

To us they have little or no idea about CBI and they did not do enough homework from their side. A simple google search with the key world citizenship by investment should show up government websites on top and they should be able to find all information there. We dont blame them

How will i know CBI schemes are trusted passport programs? 

Take a look below, we  give you tips on how to find official references

  1. First  refer to official websites and refer to information published by Government appointed Citizenship By Investment Units (CIU).
  2.  Read the CBI  legislation and acts. They form the legal basis for all the citizenship by investment programs.
  3.  Verify exact investment amounts, pricing and how to pay
  4. Be aware of fake passport scams
  5. Verify official agents appointed by Governments. Remember Best Citizenships is a citizenship platform, we connect clients directly to authorized agents (like Airbnb). We do not  advise clients. We work only with trusted agents (We know who is good, trusted from years of experience) and this ensures peace of mind to investors. Using us only benefits you cheaper, faster and safer.
  6. Verify real estate projects authorized. Remember you get passports only investing in approved real estate projects.
  7.  You can verify citizenship or passport services from embassy or consulates. They have diplomatic missions worldwide

Come to us. We will help you.