Families looking to obtain second passport can benefit from Antigua Citizenship by Investment (ACBI) scheme. Among all other CBI schemes, Antigua has currently the cheapest passport prices for families under donation option.

This is because Antigua costs USD 125,000 for family upto four. This includes $25,000 processing fee and $100,000 donation.

Many passport buyers do not calculate properly the prices of CBI schemes, and you could end up paying more than you have bargained for.

Here is the quick comparison, why Antigua CBI scheme is cheapest for families. Take a difference with the huge difference of prices for families between the countries. The ages of children and dependent parents also have a huge increase in prices.

Here is our comparison model for a simple family. Remember below table represents just donation contribution to Government.

Note: In addition to Government fee, depending on family members, $5000 to $7500 due diligence fee per adult and $200 passport fee on top of this for Government. You also have to have agent fee from $15,000 to $25,000 depending on how many family members applying for passports.

You will see a huge difference in the Government contribution prices for CBI passports when applying as a family.

Donation onlyInvestor + Spouse + 1 ChildInvestor + Spouse + 2 children < 18
St Kitts and Nevis$195,000$195,000
Montenegro385,000 €395,000 €
St Lucia$165,000 $190,000

If you watch closely Dominica is more expensive for families, and its prices are at par with Grenada, one of the best caribbean passports.St Kitts is also slightly cheaper for families than Dominica/Grenada.

During our analysis, we also found out that real estate option is cheaper than the donation, if your family is BIG and have more than 4 additional dependents.

Make sure you use the recently opened University of West indies (UWI fund) option, if you have family of six members or more. It will save you atleast $45,000 compared to the NDF option. It will show up in our price calculator

Antigua passport is not bad at all infact one of the best passports from the Caribbean. Your family could easily travel to  Russia, EU schengen area, United Kingdom and can spend there for 3-6 months at the maximum.

Last but not the least, after 5 years when the Antigua passport expires, you must travel to Antigua and spend there for 5 days if not your passport will not be renewed.  Only main applicant has to travel. This the residency requirement you have satisfy under the CBI rules.