Belgium Residence Visa for Investors

Belgium is highly developed with world class living conditions and gateway to Europe. The European Union headquarters is based in Brussels and Belgium has a full time membership in Europe Union and schengen zone.

Belgium is very business friendly country and is at a strategic location ideal for exports and trade. The country has affordable real estate prices compared to other neighboring EU countries and is a leading country for Investment. The currency is euro and french is widely spoken in Belgium. Antwerp is widely known for diamond cutting industry. Brugges and Ghent are visited by millions of tourists every year.

Belgium offers investor visas under business for investors and entrepreneurs who want to invest and do business in Belgium.

  • Belgium is a french speaking european schengen country
  • Belgium PR after 5 years of living
  • Best business program in Europe
  • No language tests
  • No business experience needed
  • No physical residence requirements.
  • Belgium citizenship after 5 years.
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship (eg Pakistan).
  • Travel freely in 26 schengen countries.
  • Excellent health and education system
  • Open to all country nationals

Belgium Residence Program

The Belgian residence program requires  EUR 350,000 investment in Belgium businesses and companies and must create jobs.  To work in Belgium, non-European citizens need a work permit (single or work permit) to work as employees and a professional card if they want to work as self-employed professionals.

Belgium is a case by case solution and can vary in terms of pricing. Payments are done in stages, however, the first year can easily cost you up to EUR 200,000 for business setup in the first year, second year EUR 100,000 and so on. We therefore, ask our clients to have atleast 300,000 to 350,000 euros to start Belgium program. Most of the fee associated with Belgium program are the business expenses, lawyer fee, office rentals, accounting and taxes, employee social contributions etc.

Belgium has no real estate or other passive investment options, only business route is possible.

Belgium program is suited to entrepreneurs and business investors who want to start a european company in Belgium. It works through business formation and creating jobs in Belgium. Foreigners  (non-EU nationals) can apply for professional card permit under business category, which usually involves in either investing in an existing belgium business or incorporate a new belgium company with an office. As a director of your company, you can easily qualify for the belgian residence permit under paid activity. It takes 3-4 months to get the residence permit issued to investors who form their company.

Belgium Residence Program (BRP) has no minimum residency requirements, does not require you to stay or live at all in Belgium, but still you can apply for Permanent Residence (PR) or Passport. This helps you to travel extensively for business without residing in Belgium, which is why this program is ideal for business owners, seeking residence and citizenship in European Union (EU).

Belgium Companies

The BVBA (LLC) and SA/SPRL are the most popular company types in Belgium. The Belgian BVBA company works just like Limited Liability Company, and the share capital must be at least EUR 18,600. Taxes is actually around 30% and annual returns are filed every 12 months in accordance with Belgian regulations. With proper tax planning you can substantially minimize the tax liability.

Belgium Citizenship

After five years of legally living in Belgium. Applicants are required to pass the language requirement when applying for citizenship. Belgian passport grants full EU citizenship which means you can live and work anywhere in Europe.

Dual Citizenship

Belgium has no restrictions on dual citizenship. If you are a Pakistan national, then Pakistan has special provisions with Belgium, so that if receive Belgian passport, you dont lose Pakistan nationality.

Belgium Passport

As of 2019, Belgium has the 7th powerful passport in the world in Henley rankings. Belgium passport had visa free travel to 184 countries.


The following are frequently asked questions about immigration to Belgium.

Can i immigrate to Belgium by buying a real estate?

No, currently only business route is possible.

Do i need to have business experience?

No required, but it helps

What is the minimum investment required?

The running costs of of the company will  be EUR 200,000 for 1st year, EUR 100,000 every year from 2nd year onwards. All in all, it will cost you about EUR 350,000 to EUR 400,000 for 5 years until getting Belgium citizenship. We assist clients for whole 5 years until getting Belgium passport. This is not an investment. These costs will cover business expenses such as office rentals, mail forwarding, lawyer fee, social contributions of your company to Government.

Can family members apply for Belgium program?

Yes, they can apply for residency in belgium under family unification.

How to start the application process?

You can start the process by paying initial EUR 10,000 retainer fee.

What is the processing time frame?

3 months

Do i have to move to Belgium or any minimum residency requirements?

No, you dont have to live in Belgium and there are zero residency requirements. You just have to visit Belgium once a year for fingerprinting and signing.

How long is the validity of belgian residence permit?

Initially valid for 1 year, renewed for 2 years thereafter.

What is the visa process?

After incorporating a company in Belgium, you have to apply for visa at Belgium embassy in your home country. They will take about 2-3 months to issue you long term D visa. Using that you have to arrive in Belgium and collect your EU residence permit card in person. We will help you with all the visa process.

Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

No, Belgium program open to ALL country nationals including those from Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. US citizens can also apply.

Can i work in Belgium?

Yes, you can work for your company under the belgium business program. If you want to work for another company, you must apply for work permit.

How long will it take to get Belgium PR?

You can get after 5 years of uninterrupted living in Belgium (not absent for more than 180 days in a year and spend 9 months yearly).

What are the taxes in Belgium?

No, unless you live in Belgium for more than 180 days. Personal income taxes are 30-50% depending on the annual income, Corporate taxes 33.99% (can be reduced), VAT is 21%. Employment income is also subject to social security contributions. Employee contributions are 13.07% and are deducted by the employer. In addition, the employer contributes about 35% of employees wage.

How is residence permit renewed?

You can do it personally in Belgium (no need to apply at consulate) with all the necessary documents (our lawyers will help you). Before 30 days of expiry of the validity of the residence permit, you should launch the application for renewal with authorities. It will take about 21 days for decision to prolong your residence permit.

Do i need to rent housing in belgium?

Yes, you have to register an address by renting a house/flat.  You have to maintain your address even if you do not visit Belgium and this way your residence permit wont be revoked. The rents in central brussels starts from 1500 euros to 3000 euros per month.

What is the minimum capital required to incorporate a Belgian company?

  • BVBA (LLC requires atleast one director) – EUR 18,500
  • SA or NV (corporation requires atleast 2 directors) – EUR 61,500

Most companies can be formed within a week.

Does the Belgium residence program provide easy path for EU citizenship?

Yes, after 5 years of legally living, you can naturalize for Belgium citizenship. Knowledge of french is required to pass the citizenship test.

What is the reputation of Belgian passport?

Belgium passport is ranked 7th best passport in the world with visa free travel to 184+ countries in the world.

Does the Belgian residence permit allow me to live in Switzerland?

Yes, under the schengen rules, you also can live in Switzerland, including other 26 schengen states (france, germany, denmark etc) for maximum 6 months in a year.