Antigua and Dominica are very popular CBI programs in the Caribbean region. Before you decide to pick between these two countries, we show you the important difference between these two programs…

Quick summary

  • Antigua is a powerful caribbean passport than Dominica for international travel and mobility
  • Antigua may be slightly expensive for single applicants but becomes cheaper for family members, whereas Dominica being cheap for single persons, may be slightly expensive for families with the donation option.
  • Dominica has visa free access to China, not possible with Antigua.
  • Antigua has 5 day visit requirement (this has been waived temporarily due to covid situation). This is required when you renew your expired passport. Dominica has no such condition.
  • Both countries do not have E-2 investor visa treaty with United States

Take a look below.

Best CBI Rankings#2#5
Best suited forOne applicantFamilies
Real Estate$200,000$200,000
BusinessNot available$1m or more
Govt processing feeNone$30,000
Government bondsNot AvailableNot Available
Visa free countries146150
Personal visitnot requirednot required
Processing time90 days90 days
Right to voteResidentsNo
Passport valid for10 years5 years
Passport typeBiometric / e-PassportBiometric / e-Passport
Residence periodNone5 days
E-2 Treaty with USNoNo
Post citizenship additionsYesYes
ChildrenBelow 30Below 30 years
ChinaVisa not requiredVisa required
RussiaVisa not requiredVisa not required
EU / SchengenVisa not requiredVisa not required
UK/IrelandVisa not requiredVisa not required
CanadaVisa requiredVisa required
United StatesVisa requiredVisa required
South AfricaVisa requiredVisa not required
Application difficultyMediumMedium
Bitcoinnot acceptednot accepted
Blacklisted countriesNationals who live in Iran, North Korea, SudanNationals who live in Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan
Commonwealth citizenYesYes
Caricom StatesFree movement (6 months)Free movement (6 months)
Corporate Tax25.00%25.00%
Personal income taxresidents only0.00%
Wealth tax, Inheritance tax, Capital gains0.00%0.00%
Stateless personsAcceptedAccepted
Application submissionE-payment platformE-payment platform
Citizenship PrivacyNot reportedNot reported
Dual citizenshipPermittedPermitted
AuthorityCBIU DominicaCIU Antigua
Application RefusalsLowLow
Citizenship RevocablePossiblePossible
Citizenship ConfidentialityNot reportedNot reported
Citizenship TransferableThird GenerationThird Generation
Embassy/Consulate AssistanceUS, UK, UAE, EuropeUS, UK, Europe, Canada