The Caribbean countries offer some of the low cost and easily affordable citizenship by investment programs in the World.

As far as we can tell, there are only 4 cheapest CBI programs – St Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, Vanuatu hitting above the $100,000 range. These are the most cost effective and affordable to many families. All other programs such as St Kitts, Grenada exceed the $150,000 mark. We are only talking about donation option here.

The real estate route is more expensive easily exceed $200,000, it does not matter where you apply.

Key Take Aways

  • The Donation option the cheapest, fastest investment route for citizenship
  • Antigua is the cheapest CBI for families
  • St Lucia, Dominica is cheapest for one person (eg. retirees)
  • Parents, siblings and biological children can also apply for CBI programs
  • Real estate route is expensive for all CBI can easily exceed $200,000 plus more fees.
  • Processing times are only 90 days if all documents in order
  • The CBI passport will grant you visa free to over 130 countries (eg. UK. EU, Russia etc..)

Four Cheapest CBI

  • St Lucia – Single person ($109,500)
  • Dominica – Single person ($109,950)
  • Antigua and Barbuda – Families ($146,200)
  • Vanuatu – Families ($185,000)

The above costs you pay as donation to government inclusive of government and due diligence fee, assuming you apply as family with spouse and two children below sixteen.

The question of which is cheapest, really depends on whether you apply as one person or apply as family. It greatly depends on ages of children and additional family members you include such as siblings or parents.

Family members have a BIG impact on the prices of CBI schemes. The costs increase when more family members according to the framework of CIP legislation established by Governments.

Quick compare

We tell clients, they get what they pay for. Before you pick the best program, carefully weigh the passport benefits with the price.

CBI St Lucia Antigua Dominica Vanuatu
Donation $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $130,000
Real Estate $300,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000
Passport issued 5 years 5 years 10 years 10 years
Visit required none none none none
Time 90 days 90 days 90 days 60 days
Visa free total 146 150 143 135
EU Schengen yes yes yes yes
UK yes yes yes yes
USA no no no no
Russia no yes yes yes
Canada no no no no
China no no no no

Total Costs

These are our rough price calculations on four CBI programs, to give you a better understanding if you can afford.

CBI Donation St Lucia Antigua Dominica Vanuatu
Single $109,500 $137,500 $109,950 $135,000
Couple $155,600 $146,500 $162,500 $155,000
Family (4) $167,700 $146,900 $187,500 $185,000
Family (6) $209,800 $178,800* $246,200 $205,500

Note: Above are total costs you pay to government (agency fee not included). The family of 4 assumes two children below 12. Family of six assumes two children below 12 and two parents/siblings. * is UWI fund.

We have excluded St Kitts and Grenada. If you can afford more, be sure take a look at St Kitts and Grenada. These are the some of the strongest and most powerful passports in the Caribbean. Of course, you can compare all programs using our CBI calculator

Refundable investments

Another trick to keep the costs low, is to invest in a fully refundable investment options (eg. Real estate shares, Government bonds etc). No yield or interest will be paid but you get the whole some back after 5 years. We will show you costs for applying as main applicant (single person). Of course, you can add family members anytime later (you dont need to spend everything at the start)

St Lucia

We take example of covid government bonds issued by treasury of st lucia.

Government bonds – $250,000
Govt processing fee – $30,000
Due diligence – $7500
Additional costs – $1000
Total: $288,500

Since the $250,000 will be paid back after 5 years, your total costs for st lucia passport is only $38,500

St Kitts and Nevis

We take real estate example of buying a share in a hotel, with full buyback by developer or can be sold at your convenience. (with 3-5% rental yields and 2 weeks holidays per year)

Real estate – $200,000 (share in developers project)
Govt processing fee – $30,000
Due diligence – $7500
Additional – $1000
Total: $238,500

Since the $200,000 share is bought back by developer after 7 years, your net costs for St Kitts citizenship is only $38,000.

Please note in all calculations above the agent fee is not included above.

Full Disclosure

We provide full disclosure of actual costs involved with the CBI programs

Please request a free quote with us specific to your situation.