Your New life starts with Citizenship by investment. These legal programs backed by solid citizenship legislation offers instant citizenship for investments

With UAE becoming the latest country to announce citizenship for property investors, it joins a list of 12 other nations, giving a huge boost for the CBI industry.

The Global demand for second passports (also known as Golden passports) remains all time high. It has become a new asset class of safe haven investments of the modern world. It is the most important insurance policy in 21st century for asset protection. A passport is a must in wealth management – a great substitute for super cars, jewelry, luxury items, paintings and antique objects.

The World is full of chaos, no longer a better place. A Plan B is a must for all country nationals, impossible to ignore whether you are rich and poor.

Being trapped in one country with one citizenship, is the worst thing that could happen to you. Diversity your ideas, plans and finances. Don’t put all eggs in basket.

Citizenship emerged as most important and powerful status in the Covid era, with many countries imposing travel bans to third country nationals and visa holders.

Globalization, Covid, Fear and uncertainties have created a global demand for alternate citizenship and residency abroad. Interest has picked up from americans and also britons, as a result of brexit.  A number of high profile americans such as Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, have already invested in second passports.

Wealth is growing super fast in Africa and Asia. The Push and pull factors make wealth flow towards the richest countries in the world through wealth migration. The wealthiest people in the world are working hard to protect their wealth from erosion, by diversifying assets to a safe haven country that can offer stable political climate, peace, and strong financial system. High wealth tax, inheritance tax levied by rich nations are also important push factors.

In a Knight Frank wealth survey, two third of the richest people in the world have already invested on 2nd passport and the others are still considering one.

Relation between Country’s Wealth and Passport Power

Here is a graph that we plotted against wealth of a country and passport power in terms of visa free mobility

RankGDP per capita (2020)Passport Power (2020)
United States56

Source: Best Passport Rankings and GDP per Capita data for 2020

Wealth vs Passport Power

For centuries, investing in family is seen as the best investment. Investing in your loved ones, is perhaps the most important and valuable investment you will ever do in your lifetime.  A alternate citizenship can be the best gift to families.

There are some great benefits associated with a new passport

  • Your New identity to start a new life
  • Safety for your family and loved ones
  • International mobility and Visa free travel freedom (for those who hate visas and interviews)
  • Visit family members anytime abroad
  • Do business, attend conferences and trade shows without applying for business visas
  • Freely Invest in companies and startups abroad
  • Buy a second home or invest in real estate anywhere in the world
  • World class education for children in best foreign universities
  • Asset protection, wealth management offshore.
  • Reduce your worldwide taxes with tax planning.
  • Enjoy stress free life working in sunny beaches
  • No military service, No visits, No residence requirements

We provide our HNWI clients these basic fundamental tips

Go where you are welcomed with A SMILE 🙂

  • Invest in Freedom!
  • Invest in New life!
  • Invest in Success!
  • Invest in Opportunities!
  • Invest in Future!

Don’t miss out your ride! When the opportunity knocks on your door, grab it with both hands.

This is because Citizenship by Investment is ONE TIME opportunity.

These programs won’t be there forever. They come and go. Rising geo-political challenges, negative publicity and criticisms may push governments to disband citizenship programs for investment anytime. It has happened before in history and most recently happened with Cyprus and Moldova closing their investment schemes.