Since the Hungary residency bond scheme closed in 2015, Malta residence visa scheme (MRV), became the most popular golden visa scheme, becoming the perfect replacement for the hungarian scheme. Both Malta and Hungary are schengen member states.

The Malta golden visa residence scheme being super interesting program for its low pricing is totally unknown to many people and no one talks about its benefits.

The Maltese residence scheme required foreigners to buy residence bonds or stocks, worth atleast €250,000 to qualify for permanent residence status in Malta. There is also a €30,000 government processing fee.

Government securities such as bonds, stocks are risk free investments guaranteed by Government returned after 5 years. For residence purpose, you must invest in interest free securities, according to the Govt regulations. This money is used by Govt for state’s needs and development. Probably the best investment during pandemic times, as you dont lose the money when other global markets such as travel, real estate are in decline.

Like the hungarian scheme, the Malta scheme also offers financing to those who want the cheapest option to obtain residency in Malta.

Malta has discontinued Government bonds and financing option from March 2021. Please see cheaper version of MPRP program.

Why Malta?

  • Schengen member country,
  • Cheapest golden visa in Europe
  • No physical residence requirements.
  • Permanent Residence  issued for 5 years
  • Include upto to 4th generation family members in one application (super attractive to big families)
  • No age limits for children
  • No living or residence requirements
  • MRV rules relaxed now citizenship possible after 5 years.

How financing works?

Instead of investing €250,000 you only pay €75,000 as fixed fee to finance buying and holding the required qualifying investment (eg stocks/bonds) by a authorized financial firm in Malta.  This fixed fee is charged by investment firm for loaning interest free Govt bonds is nothing but accumulated interest for 5 years. Plus on top of that you pay €30,000 Government fee, plus 30K euro legal costs. Remember this is a schengen permanent residency

So in total you only pay €145,000 all inclusive for the Maltese residency bond scheme. This covers all costs, including agent fee, lawyer fee and government fee. Includes family members

If you invest 250,000 and get this money back after 5 years. All in all you pay less than €50,000 for a golden visa.

No age limits for children. Family members included.

Additional conditions

You should also know about the additional conditions and costs. You must meet these conditions, else you cannot apply for this program.

  • Rent a housing for €10,000 per year for 5 years
  • Prove you have net assets of €500,000 (eg. property, other assets) or Annual income of €100,000 per year
  • Additional 5,000 euro for adding grandparent (wife or husband).

Processing time takes 6 months. You are required to visit Malta and complete full payments once the approval letter is issued.

Note: Nationals from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran cannot apply for Malta golden visa.

If you dont want financing, you need to invest full €250,000 in zero interest Government bonds listed in Malta stock exchange.  Keep the investment for 5 years and after you will get back the entire €250,000 with zero interest. Even after the investment period ends, your keep permanent residence card forever. Additional costs include€30,000 government fee and other 30K legal costs plus 10K euro yearly rent..

Considering the entire investment is refunded back, the net costs incurred to you is €60,000 (govt plus lawyer fee).

We work with the authorized law firm and licensed financial investment company in Malta. Please contact us for more information