The Malta Golden Visa Residence scheme remains one of the best immigration scheme for families in Europe.

The Maltese Golden visa scheme was launched in 2015, since then not many people are really aware of the full benefits offered by this scheme.

The first and foremost important reason why Malta golden visa is super attractive is, the scheme allows 4th generation family members to be included in the application. Fourth generation means you can include grandchild and grandparents (grandpa or grandma) along with your children, spouse, parents. This is very very important, grandparents need care and can stay with your family. No other golden visa scheme has this fourth generation benefit. Imagine your parents, children, grand parents and grandchildren all get permanent resident benefit in Schengen country.

Secondly, all family members receive permanent resident cards, valid for 5 years with unlimited extensions.

Thirdly, Malta is a schengen area, all family members so you can travel freely in schengen zone to visit other family members and friends living in Europe.

Fourthly, there is very low administration application fee for families. It is very flexible. You only pay EUR 5,000 fee to include your additional family members. This can be done anytime. This is very cheap and benefits BIG families.

Finally, unlike Greece or Portugal, you dont need to spend EUR 250,000 plus fees for buying Bonds/Stocksetc.  We offer financing option, which is cheaper for Malta.

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